Netflix Slams IHOP, 'Changes Name' to 'Netflib'

Netflix Slams IHOP, 'Changes Name' to 'Netflib'

Breakfast lovers across the U.S. reacted in outrage, even prompting IHOb's newest rivals, including Burger King and Wendy's, to taunt the American breakfast chain.

IHOP recently changed its iconic name to IHOb revealing that the new consonant stands for "burgers".

Miami-based Burger King isn't taking the International House of Pancakes' marketing campaign lightly. The chain, which serves pancakes for breakfast, changed its name on its social media channels and updated photos to put more emphasis on pancakes instead of its famous Whoppers.

Wendy's threw some shade as well, responding to a user who asked if the chain felt threatened by IHOP's new burgers.

In addition to Netflix, Burger King also got in on the trolling, changing its name to Pancake King on Twitter.

Meanwhile, another fast-food chain Denny's also joined the social media beef, referencing a Great Burger Wars and insinuating that IHOb's attempt to enter the burger competition would not last long.

"A team of people went to school for years and collectively paid hundreds of thousands of dollars - if not more so they could present us with this marketing masterpiece", one person commented on Facebook.

Omg, Burger King is now Pancake King.

Customers aren't the only ones making light of IHOP's new "Ultimate Steakburger" announcement - a good chunk of the fast-food industry is having fun at their expense, as well.

IHOP's president, Darren Rebelez, told Business Insider on Monday that he was unconcerned by other chains' jabs.

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