PC Gaming E3 2018: Maneater

PC Gaming E3 2018: Maneater

In addition to having a buffet of humans and all kinds of other animals to chomp down, players will get to upgrade their shark abilities through a skill tree.

Publisher Tripwire premiered Maneater during the PC Gaming Show at E3. Have you always wanted a game where you can play as a shark? It's set on the Gulf Coast, where the waters are unforgiving and where the shark learned to survive after being ripped from the loving fins of its mother. Anything and everything is on the menu. and it's kill or be killed in these waters.

The trailer shows off the sinister side of what you'll be doing as you lurk around underwater waiting for your next victim.

Maneater comes from Blindside Studios, which is led by Alex Quick, the developer of Depth and the original Killing Floor mod creator. Unfortunately, there's no release date just yet, so we'll just have to keep looking around for it.

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