Russian politician's message to local women: No sex with foreign tourists

Russian Federation expects to host about one million foreigners at the World Cup matches.

The much awaited World cup will kick off Thursday with host country Russian Federation taking on Saudi Arabia at the 81 thousand capacities Luzhniki Stadium.

Russia's head of parliament's committee for families Tamara Pletnyova said on Thursday that when Russian women marry foreigners, the relationships end badly and women are stranded overseas or in Russia but unable to get their children back.

A senior law maker in Russia Tamara Pletnyova who gave the charge on Wednesday said sex with foreigners while the competition lasted could result into pregnancy later leading to single motherhood.

Pletnyova, chairwoman of the Family, Women, and Children Affairs Committee, insists that romantic affairs with foreigners during the World Cup may lead to an increase in single motherhood in Russian Federation.

"Even if they get married, they will take them away, then she does not know how to get back", Pletnyova said during a radio interview, according to The Telegraph.

She was responding to a question about the "kids of the Olympics" - referencing the claim that there was a spike in births of mixed-race children in Russian Federation after the 1980 Summer Olympics. "They are abandoned, and that's it, they stay here with mum".

She also suggested that should a Russian woman get pregnant, it would be better if the father of the child was "of the same race". I'm not a nationalist, but nonetheless. "Then they come to me in the committee, these crying girls, because the child has been shipped away, taken and so on".

Pletnyova said she hoped Russian women would marry Russian citizens of any nationality or ethnicity and build strong and loving families here.

Ms Pletnyova has been widely condemned online, with some people drawing parallels between her comments and Fifa's Say No to Racism campaign.

"I wonder what Pletnyova will say when they remind her of Say No to Racism", she tweeted.

"We're not in America or Europe". If a woman doesn't want it, no one is going to harass her, ' she told news site in February.

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