Target pulls Father’s Day cards celebrating the ‘baby daddy’ amid backlash

Target pulls Father’s Day cards celebrating the ‘baby daddy’ amid backlash

Target is selling "baby daddy" cards for Father's Day - and company officials are taking some heat for it.

Target is now removing the "Baby Daddy" cards from its shelves and says it apologizes to anyone offended by them.

She said: 'You CANNOT be serious Target!

Photos of cards with the words "Baby Daddy" printed across a black couple kissing has been circulating since late May, and now Target has chose to act, reports Fox 5 DC. Saunders did not. She wrote that her husband didn't like the term because of what it "generally means in our culture".

The popular chain said: We assure you it is never our intention to offend our guests with the merchandise we provide. It's not sweet or nice, ' she stated.

The cards sparked a lively debate on what the term "baby daddy" means to the black community.

Responding to the complaints, Target is pulling the card from about 900 stores, spokesman Joshua Thomas said in a statement given to The Kansas City Star on Wednesday. Please verify the store location this was displayed so we can share your feedback.

However, not all Target shoppers were as angered by the retailer's controversial "Baby Daddy" cards, with some appearing to find them more amusing than offensive. Thanks for posting the inside I didn't read it'.

Target doesn't manufacture the cards and American Greetings was not available for a comment, but Saunders hope to shed light on why the card upset her.

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