by | May 27, 2017 | 15:29

Mac Miller was scheduled to perform at two music festivals this weekend. He took to Twitter on Friday (26May17) to alert fans to the change of schedule after pulling out of sets at Sasquatch Festival in Washington on Saturday (27May17) and Minnesota's Soundset event on Sunday (28May17).

by | May 27, 2017 | 14:55

She even stated, "I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms and I will", in the trailer . Only time will tell who the ultimate victor is. The show's official Twitter handle recently released the trailer of the much awaited season of " GOT " and it shows all the main players getting ready for the final battle.

by | May 27, 2017 | 15:45

Prior to Tom Holland's official casting as Peter Parker, fans clamored for Marvel to cast Glover as Miles Morales, an alternate version of the costumed web-slinger. Who could deny the excitement and thrill that ran through our bodies when Spider-Man made his big screen debut in Captain America: Civil War? Marisa Tomei, Michael Keaton , Zendaya , Jon Favreau, Donald Glover and Tyne Daly and opens on July 7th.

by | May 27, 2017 | 14:48

The star-studded guest list for the father-of-three's funeral also includes Jimmy Page, Christian Bale , Courtney Love and James Franco . He listed the things he loved about Cornell, including his smile, his "ridiculously lovely hair" and his "willingness to help others", before addressing Cornell's children, Toni, Lillian and Christopher.

by | May 27, 2017 | 15:12

Libyan authorities have arrested Abedi's younger brother, Hashim , and father, Ramadan, in Tripoli . The New York Times has defended the publication of leaked photographs appearing to show the bomb used in the Manchester terror attack and said the decision was "responsible".

by | May 27, 2017 | 15:32

But did you know she stumbled a little when she took her first step towards global domination? Radio Times' Robert Luxford praised Priyanka some more. Priyanka Chopra shares how her " Baywatch " character differs from her own personality. Radio Times praised Priyanka, "Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra judges the mood perfectly, playing the villain with exactly the right amount of dramatic flair ('I'm not a Bond villain...

by | May 27, 2017 | 14:19

The White House did not immediately comment on the Post report . FBI agents investigating ties between President Donald Trump's campaign and Russia reportedly are focused on meetings that Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, had with Russian figures.

by | May 27, 2017 | 15:05

In sporting terms, though, this was a key victory at the end of an arduous 64-game season for United. United will be among the second seeds in the draw for the group stage of the Champions League in late August. "We tried to focus on the win and lift the trophy and try to lift the spirit of the town". "So I am so pleased he finally gets a European trophy". I don't want to see any worldwide friendlies, I am selfish.

by | May 27, 2017 | 13:54

British counter-terrorism officials have hit out at their U.S. counterparts for apparently leaking intelligence to the American media in connection with the Manchester attack inquiry. 'The issue is being raised at every relevant level by the British authorities with their United States counterparts'. The body said it underminded the current investigation, and affected the confidence of witnesses, victims, and all the families affected.

by | May 27, 2017 | 13:55

It said the database was built around a longstanding U.S. "Who's leaking it? Where's it coming from?" American singer Ariana Grande has said she will return to the "incredibly brave" city of Manchester to play a benefit concert to raise money for the victims of the Manchester Arena suicide bomb attack and their families.

by | May 27, 2017 | 13:37

According to the Parker County Sheriff's Office, the children's mother said she'd been checking on her children periodically, who were playing in a back room. But at about 4 p.m., she couldn't find them. The Parker County Sheriff's Department says a man was shot in the 200 block of Joyce Street north of Weatherford at around 9:30 a.m.

by | May 27, 2017 | 13:16

O'Reilly was eventually released by the network, despite being America's highest-rated cable news host. He speculates that Hannity could end up with personalities like O'Reilly and Glenn Beck on a rival conservative news channel, perhaps one started by Sinclair Broadcast Group, the fast-growing Baltimore-area TV company.

by | May 27, 2017 | 14:45

Cornell had performed with Soundgarden on Wednesday at Detroit's Fox Theatre, part of the band's North American tour. YouTube user "Uncle Sam" has uploaded a series of clips showing what is believed to be his last song - "Slaves & Bulldozers" merged with a Led Zeppelin's In My Time of Dying .

by | May 27, 2017 | 13:14

The Bryan Fuller/Michael Green take on Neil Gaiman's novel has presented the New God, Media, as the most exciting sort of chameleon - one that takes on the visage of the world's most iconic celebrities in order to force her point. Generations of people grew up with Lucy, so seeing her be so calculating and crude-even if it's not really Lucy-is its own kind of shocking. 'Take a look at you, beating up the wrong guy, ' Gillian's Bowie tells Technical Boy in the clip.

by | May 27, 2017 | 14:38

Ajax coach Peter Bosz told Uefa television after the match: 'We're obviously disappointed. I still think he's got so much to offer... Matteo Darmian suggested that he is happy to remain at Manchester United , but stated now is not the right time to talk about his future.

by | May 27, 2017 | 14:22

NAN reports that Trump vowed on Thursday to bring anyone caught leaking US intelligence to justice after British police stopped sharing information about the Manchester suicide bombing with the United States. The Foreign Secretary said it was "extraordinary" that "there should be any attempt to justify or to legitimate the actions of terrorists in this way" after the Labour leader drew a connection between the country's involvement in the "war on terror" and attacks in Britain .

by | May 27, 2017 | 13:20

Authorities fear Abedi wasn't working alone. Armed police patrol near Manchester Arena following a deadly terror attack in Manchester, north-west England on 23 May 2017. The disclosure is regarded as "completely unacceptable" by Britain, both because of the distress it may cause families of those killed or injured and because of the risk it could complicate ongoing investigations.

by | May 27, 2017 | 14:11

Manchester Chief Constable Ian Hopkins has said leaks of the probe to the U.S. media - including forensic images of the bomb site first published by The New York Times - also had been hurtful to the victims' families, Reuters reported.

by | May 27, 2017 | 13:20

No one's really surprised Drake won Top Artist. "We still can not believe that we're standing here on this stage at the Billboard Music Awards ", said BTS member Kim Nam-joon, known to fans as "Rap Monster", onstage. As the story goes, James Cameron , director of Titanic didn't want to have the song as a theme to his film but Angélil convinced Dion to record it despite Cameron's rejection.

by | May 27, 2017 | 13:48

He had already guided United to glory in the League Cup and despite a sixth-place finish in the Premier League , success in the Europa League means his side will return to the Champions League next season. It nearly guarentees that Antoine Griezmann will make the switch from Atletico Madrid to United, and it is also enough to likely keep Swedish beast Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who said that he would probably leave the club if they didn't make the Champions League .

by | May 27, 2017 | 14:11

We chose to take it seriously but not react in the manner in which the person who was threatening us had required". According to a Deadline report from May 15, the hackers demanded a Bitcoin loot or they would release the film online before its May 26 premiere date.

by | May 27, 2017 | 13:02

In the letter Poppy said she was "extremely sorry silly people do things like this". In Berlin , former U.S. President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel sent a message of solidarity to the Manchester bombing victims. French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said Abedi had "likely" been to Syria after the trip to Libya, citing information provided by British intelligence services to their counterparts in Paris.

by | May 27, 2017 | 12:13

But the decision to release newly declassified information supporting the allegation may also test the Trump administration's own willingness to respond to atrocities in Syria, other than chemical weapons attacks, which it blames on President Bashar al-Assad's government.

by | May 27, 2017 | 12:57

Hannity had been one of the main purveyors of a widely discredited theory that DNC staffer Seth Rich was shot and killed near his home in Northwest Washington past year because he had supplied DNC emails to WikiLeaks. News of Hannity's extended holiday weekend came just a day after Hannity tweeted about his "future at Fox". "It is disappointing because it drags the rest of us down", one senior Fox News employee said earlier this week.

by | May 27, 2017 | 12:20

The BBC today reported that Britain had stopped sharing information with United States law enforcement "because of a series of leaks thought to have come from the American intelligence community". He is also believed to have been in Germany before, having flown from Frankfurt Airport to Britain in 2015. It's not just the British who are expressing outrage, either.

by | May 27, 2017 | 12:26

On a visit to the Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem, the president and first lady Melania Trump laid a wreath on a stone slab under which ashes from some of those killed in concentration camps are buried. The peace process has been deadlocked since April 2014 when indirect negotiations led by then U.S. secretary of state John Kerry collapsed. Netanyahu must deal with opposition from right-wing nationalist elements within his coalition who oppose any Palestinian state being created in occupied ...

by | May 27, 2017 | 11:59

Released in over 2,400 screens in India, Sachin: A Billion Dreams opened to packed theatres in several parts of the country on its first day. As the cricketer hails from Marathi speaking state, he has a great number of fans there and hence his biopic witnessed helm occupancy in Maharashtra.

by | May 27, 2017 | 13:17

This would make him the third CEO leaving Tidal after two years, following the departure of Andy Chen and Peter Tonstad , according to Billboard . Tidal said Friday, May 26, 2017, that Jeffrey Toig has left the company, which launched in 2015. Sprint announced in January it was buying a 33 percent stake in Tidal , which has more than 40 million songs and 140,000 videos.

by | May 27, 2017 | 12:33

After arresting a 23-year-old man on Tuesday, British police said they had taken three more men into custody yesterday in south Manchester, where Abedi lived. "I was very annoyed with him". The UK threat level has been raised to "critical" and nearly 1,000 military personnel have been deployed around the country, including to key sites such as Parliament, Buckingham Palace and Downing Street.

by | May 27, 2017 | 12:31

The American Legion Auxiliary honors service members and veterans every day, but in May, we especially pause to remember the fearless men and women who died in service to our country. " In Flanders fields the poppies blow , between the crosses, row on row ", his classic work opens. That led to the red poppy's emergence as an worldwide symbol of military sacrifice.

by | May 27, 2017 | 12:43

In a news release Friday, RCMP said those threats linked to Saskatchewan and spurred an investigation. As a result, 34-year-old Derek Hurrell from Borden, was arrested without incident after members initiated a traffic stop on a roadway near the town.

by | May 27, 2017 | 11:55

The film is also famous for starring Indian actor Kabir Bedi playing Gobinda, the cruel henchman of the film's main baddie Kamal Khan (Louis Jourdan), and tennis star Vijay Amritraj making his acting debut. One of his Swiss neighbours, the actress and humanitarian Audrey Hepburn, got him involved with UNICEF, the United Nations agency focused on children's health and safety.

by | May 27, 2017 | 12:16

According a report in DNA , Badlapur producer Dinesh Vijan is keen on roping Deepika Padukone in for the film. Latest reports suggest that filmmaker Dinesh Vijan is planning to cast actress Deepika Padukone on the sequel of the film.

by | May 27, 2017 | 12:44

While the world remembers him as baby Blanket, these days Michael Jackson's youngest son is known mostly as " Bigi ". Although the source says the 15-year-old is still "shy around people he doesn't know", he's pretty "confident" in his school, practices martial arts, and spends time with his friendly and almost 30 cousins.

by | May 27, 2017 | 13:04

Ariana Grande was left in "hysterics" after a sucide bomber targetted her concert in Manchester on Monday night and 22 people, many of them young children and teenagers, were ruthlessly killed. "If the reports are accurate that the United States leaked information that was shared by the United Kingdom in relation to the Manchester bombing suspect, the British government has every right to be furious", said Rep.