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by | February 22, 2017 | 01:12

The actress , 30, said she was intimidated by the incident, which occurred as she was preparing to fly from Heathrow to NY recently. While Disney has not confirmed the film, Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda told Vulture previous year that he was in "super-early talks" about the reboot.

by | February 21, 2017 | 01:02

UK Members of Parliament clashed Monday in a heated debate over President Trump's state visit as left-wing MPs called for the invitation to be withdrawn - while some Conservative Party MPs accused their opponents of hypocrisy and insulting the American people.

by | February 21, 2017 | 01:00

He'd been invited to speak at CPAC, the annual unhinged wingnutapalooza. Mainstream Republicans have had an uneasy relationship with the White House since Donald Trump was elected in November. The deeper question here is how all of this went as far as it did before the contradictions exploded. In a Facebook post , Yiannopoulos clarified his statements on the podcast calling pedophilia a "vile and disgusting crime".

by | February 21, 2017 | 00:53

Of course, the last time 20 Century Fox went super early with an X-Men movie... well... let me just reassure everyone that Logan is better than X-Men: Apocalypse. But I would be willing to bet that the same film delivered sans known characters and specifically sans four-color source material would be accepted as a rock-solid genre piece as opposed to the pinnacle of its respective genre .

by | February 21, 2017 | 00:48

Deng says Kim Jong Nam is thought to have had contacts with Chinese elites, and may have been more receptive to their suggestions that North Korea should follow China's path and implement market-oriented reforms. China may soon have company in making the shift. Dr Lee Jae Hyon, a research fellow at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies think-tank, said: "Concluding the case now is an intervention and ignorance of Malaysia's sovereignty".

by | February 21, 2017 | 00:42

More than 46,000 former residents of the eastern half of the city, divided north-south by the River Tigris, have returned to their homes following the routing of Daesh fighters on that side in recent months. Its recapture would deal a death blow to the "caliphate" IS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed in the city in June 2014 but which has been shrinking steadily for two years as anti-IS forces advanced.

by | February 21, 2017 | 00:11

In Sunday's nail biter election, Moreno, a disabled former vice president, was a whisker short of the 40 percent of valid votes and a 10 percentage point difference over the nearest rival to avoid a second round vote on April 2. Analysts caution there is still a high number of undecided voters and the fact there are eight candidates in the first round render predictions tricky.

by | February 20, 2017 | 01:31

There was no such massacre: it is believed she was referring to two Iraqis in Bowling Green, Kentucky, who were convicted of terrorist activities after killing U.S. But if you believe President Trump, something happened in Sweden on Friday night that deserved the attention of the world. 'Take a look at Nice. The account's current administrator said: " Nothing has happened here in Sweden ".

by | February 20, 2017 | 01:23

Sukhwinder Mandhi and District President, Dadri, Mr. Ram Kishan Sharma, said that the Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal, had, at a meeting held at Gurugram on February 16, apprised the party workers about the state government's stand on the Jat agitation and directed them to visit dharna sites.

by | February 20, 2017 | 00:18

Attorney for the Southern District of Florida. Acosta may have an easy time getting Senate confirmation, as he has already been gone through the process successfully three times - for the judgeship, the US attorney position, and the NLRB membership.

by | February 01, 2017 | 01:20

Morocco has long considered those areas to fall under its rule. There were concerns that Morocco would seek the expulsion of the SADR as a condition for returning to the AU. With Morocco serving as the host country, the King also ensured that Africa's interests on climate change policy were represented at the 22 Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change summit in Marrakesh in November 2016, hosting a special meeting for African leaders at the event.

by | January 27, 2017 | 02:41

Charm City Cakes worked closely with Obama's inaugural committee in 2012 to create a four-foot design boasting red stripes, silver leaves and seals, and glitter stars. Buttercream Bakeshop verified that the cake was indeed a replica of Duff Goldman's 2013 inauguration creation and in an interview with the Washington Post , said that they tried to persuade the client to use the original design as inspiration instead.

by | September 03, 2016 | 21:51

Eddie Johnson said before repeating his claims that the violence in the city is perpetuated by repeat gun offenders. Chicago has already recorded 471 homicides, about 50 percent more murders than the city recorded at the same point a year ago and more killings than New York City and Los Angeles combined.

by | September 02, 2016 | 11:43

According to her Fox News biography , Tantaros joined the network in 2010, eventually becoming a host on " Outnumbered " and " The Five ". In the suit, a specific occasion is mentioned in which Tantaros was called into Ailes' office and told to turn around so he could "get a good look".

by | August 27, 2016 | 06:08

But the loosely organized storms probably won't have enough time to reorganize over the slightly more favorable conditions around Florida before drifting out into the Gulf. Gulf of Mexico as a precaution against a storm threat. The hurricane center said that Gaston could even become a major hurricane (Category 3 or above).