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by | May 24, 2017 | 11:07

President Donald Trump is meeting Tuesday with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas . " President Trump , working with you, I believe we can advance a global peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors as well as the Palestinians", Netanyahu said.

by | May 24, 2017 | 09:21

Police said dozens more were injured in the Monday night blast carried out by a male, who was killed. Manchester police chief constable Ian Hopkins told reporters: "The priority remains to establish whether he was acting alone or as part of a network".

by | May 24, 2017 | 10:40

When pressed by Clapper about his remarks on internal attacks, Tapper asked, "Internally, from the president?" U.S. President Donald Trump said he could announce a replacement for FBI Director James Comey by May 19, when he is due to begin his first overseas trip as president.

by | May 24, 2017 | 10:24

An alliance of Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters has announced it has taken a strategically important town from so-called Islamic State (IS). The SDF, which also includes Arab fighters, has captured large swathes of land in northern Syria from IS with the help of USA -led airstrikes.

by | May 24, 2017 | 09:39

On Monday Palestinians gathered at military checkpoints around the West Bank to protest against Mr Trump's visit, and over conditions in Israeli prisons. Palestinian news agency Ma'an estimates that more than 1,300 Palestinians are now on strike behind bars in Israeli prisons, while Israeli outlets have placed the number in the high hundreds.

by | May 24, 2017 | 11:03

Coats declined to comment during a Senate armed services committee hearing Tuesday, that had been previously scheduled. General Michael Flynn (ret) President Trumps former National Security Adviser, has refused to testify before House Intelligence Committee making it known that he will invoke the 5th Amendment rather than comply with a subpoena, essentially shutting down the Congregational investigations into the Russian Federation matter.

by | May 24, 2017 | 09:25

The statement does not mention the investigation he's overseeing as the U.S. House Oversight Committee's chair into President Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey . Chaffetz is the second House Republican who is stepping away from a Trump investigation. The White House did not dispute the accuracy of those quotes.

by | May 24, 2017 | 09:34

Up to 5000 soldiers and special forces personnel, alongside armed police officers, will also deploy on to key streets across the United Kingdom and around expected targets, under a previously revealed plan called "Operation Temperer". He is thought to have attended the Manchester Islamic Centre, also known as Didsbury Mosque, along with his parents and siblings. "He was normal, to be honest".

by | May 24, 2017 | 10:02

What else will Trump and Abbas discuss? "It will advance the process because of the correction of the historic injustice and the smashing of the Palestinian fantasy of Jerusalem not being the capital of Israel ", it said. During official preparations for Trump's visit to the wall in the Old City, a US diplomat inflamed Israeli officials by reportedly saying the revered structure is in disputed territory and doesn't belong to Israel.

by | May 24, 2017 | 09:21

He said U.S. has been a victim of terrorism , from 11 September to the Boston bombings and the Orlando attack . The US President also singled out Iran as promoting a "craven ideology" of terrorism, and called on the Muslim world to help him isolate Iran on an worldwide front.

by | May 24, 2017 | 10:00

Keith's body was the only one that was never found - despite numerous appeals by his family for Brady to reveal where he was buried. He decided not to reveal the information, taking the location of Bennett's body to his grave. The police, however, want to consider all the potential as a result of which Brady wrote a letter indicating where the corpse is located and which he ordered to be opened after his death.

by | May 24, 2017 | 09:43

The North has made no secret of its plans to develop a missile capable of striking the United States and has ignored calls to halt its weapons programs, even from China. North Korean drone flights across the border are unusual, but have happened before. Local media said the object might have been a North Korean drone.

by | May 24, 2017 | 10:03

He also fears being extradited to the United States , where he is under investigation for leaking classified USA documents. There is evidence in the case, and that evidence should have been tested in court. He said British authorities had also refused to confirm or deny if the United States had issued a warrant for his extradition from the UK. "Seven years of detention without charge - imprisoned under house arrest and nearly five years in this embassy without sunlight", he said.

by | May 24, 2017 | 10:30

Rove said it was smart for the President to reassure the Saudi's that the last 8 years are over and a new chapter has begun. "I am committed to trying to achieve a peace agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians and I intend to do everything I can to help them achieve that goal", he said, with the 50th anniversary of Israel's capture of territories that Palestinians seek for a state approaching next month.

by | May 24, 2017 | 09:07

A scandal-plagued Israeli MP stole a selfie with US President Donald Trump on Monday, setting off a flood of online humour and seeming to annoy Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu . Trump's visit to Jerusalem has been laden with religious symbolism. He also visited the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where Christians believe Jesus Christ was crucified and later resurrected.

by | May 24, 2017 | 10:25

The new administration also faces diplomatic challenges, soothing ties with China , the biggest buyer of South Korean goods, after they became strained by the deployment of U.S. Wang on Thursday reiterated calls for its dismantling. He added that China hopes South Korea's new government will "correct the problems" and take measures as soon as possible.

by | May 24, 2017 | 10:00

Investigators also have questions about contacts between the Russians and Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. "It is a corporation", Warner told reporters. Warner explained the importance of continuing the Senate investigation even in light of the Justice Department's decision. John Brennan says that when he was Central Intelligence Agency director he shared classified information with Russian Federation and other nations about threats related to ...

by | May 24, 2017 | 09:03

According to the media outlet, most analysts agree that the military conflict could drag on for many months or longer, involving massive numbers of US and South Korean forces in the first days. Pyongyang successfully tested a Pukguksong-2 (KN-15) medium-range ballistic missile Sunday. Trump's Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, has vowed further economic and diplomatic pressure on Pyongyang.

by | May 24, 2017 | 09:52

He made similar comments in Saudi Arabia over the weekend where he urged Arab and Muslim leaders to unite in driving out terrorism. Israel has also expressed concern about the $110bn (£84.6bn) arms deal announced between the USA and Saudi Arabia on Saturday, with a senior cabinet minister describing the kingdom as a "hostile country".

by | May 24, 2017 | 08:51

Contrary to CNN's sources, a White House official also stated late Friday that "it's not true" that lawyers are in fact researching impeachment procedures . The reported research on behalf of the White House is a part of the legal team's current attempt to defend the president. In so doing, they hope to prepare to fend off any possibility that Congress could try to impeach President Trump, according to CNN's sources.

by | May 24, 2017 | 09:57

The alternative is to leave the matter up to the next Federal Bureau of Investigation director, someone President Trump will choose. Sen. John McCainJohn McCainMcCain: Trump-Russia allegations like a "lousy movie" GOP senators knock Trump's budget proposal McCain: Trump's budget "dead on arrival" MORE (R-Ariz.) says reports that President Trump asked top intelligence officials to publicly deny evidence of collusion between Russia and his 2016 campaign are "troubling".

by | May 24, 2017 | 09:46

Harold Rogers, who represents a poor district in eastern Kentucky. Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said the administration's budget is fiscally sound. "We must ensure that our courageous servicemen and women have the tools they need to deter war, and when called upon to fight, do only one thing: Win".

by | May 24, 2017 | 10:39

In its subsequent statement taking responsibility, Isis called the bombing "revenge" for " transgressions against the lands of the Muslims ". The blast took place at the Manchester Arena where USA singer Ariana Grande was performing.

by | May 24, 2017 | 09:42

President Donald Trump is expressing solidarity with the United Kingdom in the wake of a deadly explosion at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, condemning the "evil losers" behind the blast. At Trump's inauguration, a gif of the first lady's facial expression after he turned towards her went viral. Trump's impromptu statement Monday seemed to accidentally confirm where that intelligence came from.

by | May 24, 2017 | 08:51

He said that after his return next week from a trip to Russian Federation with Duterte he will explain the context of the two leaders' exchange to lawmakers and a Supreme Court justice, who have urged the Philippines to file a diplomatic protest over the alleged war threats and to ask the United Nations to demand that China comply with the arbitral ruling.

by | May 24, 2017 | 10:09

Trump arrived at the presidential palace in the West Bank city, located only about a 20-minute drive from Tel Aviv but across Israel's controversial separation wall . The first leg of his trip was in Saudi Arabia , while later stops will include the Vatican. On Monday, Israeli forces shot and injured at least 11 Palestinian protesters who staged a general strike in the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem , and the besieged Gaza Strip in support of those prisoners on hunger strikes.

by | May 24, 2017 | 10:31

When they attacked Afghanistan (and) Iraq, when they made sanctions against Iran. Trump called for a US alliance with Muslim countries on Sunday aimed at fighting terrorism, singling out Iran as a major source of funding and support for militants in the Arab world.

by | May 24, 2017 | 08:46

Steve Jones told ITV news how he helped children who had been blasted with nails, 'It was children with blood all over them, they were crying and screaming. "An attack that targeted some of the youngest people in our society with cold calculation". Law enforcement officials tell CBS News that the apparent suicide bomber took a train to nearby Victoria station.

by | May 24, 2017 | 10:26

Greater Manchester Police said 19 people were confirmed dead and roughly 50 were injured by the explosion at Manchester Arena. Citing CCTV footage recovered by detectives, The Times reported Abedi had placed the device in a suitcase which he set on the ground before it detonated.

by | May 24, 2017 | 08:57

According to a USA official speaking off the record, the men involved who were on Erdogan's security detail have been allowed to return to Turkey . Turkey has summoned the United States ambassador to protest the "aggressive and unprofessional" treatment of Turkish security officials in Washington during a visit by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last week, the Foreign Ministry said.

by | May 24, 2017 | 09:17

The latest showdown over transgender bathrooms, which emerged as one of the hardest-fought issues of the 2017 legislative session, began Sunday night, when a House Republican proposed amending Senate Bill 2078, a measure devoted to school safety and emergency policies.

by | May 24, 2017 | 09:16

A returning group of persons was attacked with sharp-edged weapons near Chandpur village. Mayawati had blamed the Yogi government of compromising on her security and deliberately denying her a permission to reach Saharanpur by a helicopter.

by | May 24, 2017 | 09:31

The last talks between the Israelis and Palestinians, led by former USA secretary of state John Kerry, broke down in April 2014 after around a year of largely fruitless discussion. Trump also expressed optimism that he can help facilitate peace between Israel and Palestinians. "The terrorists and extremists and those who give them aid and comfort must be driven out from our society forever", Trump said during remarks in Bethlehem alongside Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

by | May 24, 2017 | 10:02

That in itself is a problem: When the USA takes too large a role in the talks, it removes the pressure from Palestinian and Israeli diplomats to arrive at a deal on their own. Trump also visited Yad Vashem, Israel's national Holocaust memorial, on Tuesday. And Prime Minister Netanyahu has promised the same. Let's start by conceding that the White House achieved all of its short-term objectives.

by | May 24, 2017 | 08:43

Saffie Rose RoussosChris Upton, the headteacher at the Tarleton Community Primary School, where Saffie was a student, released a statement calling the girl's death a "tremendous shock", according to ABC News . Roughly 400 police officers were involved in the traumatic scene. "Grande has yet to tell fans whether she will continue her European tour following the deadly blast at her concert in Manchester ".