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by | June 01, 2017 | 00:27

A spokeswoman for the Israel Prison Service confirmed the agreement, but denied the strike had forced the authorities to negotiate over conditions in the jails with the prisoner representatives. The service said 834 prisoners had ended their protests. Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas had urged U.S. counterpart Donald Trump to raise the issue with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his visit to the region earlier this week.

by | June 01, 2017 | 00:24

This time the handshake was warmer but the tone guarded after an hour of talks on the 300th anniversary of a visit to Versailles by tsar Peter the Great. But Macron had a more conciliatory tone after meeting with Putin. Earlier, Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that there is no pre-election campaign going on right now.

by | June 01, 2017 | 00:23

They claim it will have a significant improvement to what is now in the House. Those who are living the states that waive key consumer protections in the current health care law would have a hard time purchasing insurance coverage . But the CBO also acknowledges that its analysis includes some uncertainty, in part because the AHCA would allow states to get waivers that would exempt their insurers from many Obamacare coverage rules.

by | June 01, 2017 | 00:50

Jail records show that while being interviewed by court staff, Christian reportedly yelled out, "If you don't like free speech, get the f-ck out of my country". The grand jury should convene by next Tuesday, he said, and Christian will be presented with any indictments at his next court appearance. The third victim, Rick Best, got up to intervene and Christian stabbed him, court documents said.

by | June 01, 2017 | 00:59

He even included a unknown misspelled word that people are finding totally hilarious. At 6:09 a.m., Trump tweeted again: "Who can figure out the true meaning of "covfefe"??? ". Merriam-Webster, the famed official dictionary with a notably snarky Twitter feed, also got in on the action, albeit briefly. "Goes back to bed".

by | May 31, 2017 | 23:46

Which TV channels will do the live broadcast of the ICC Champions Trophy match between England and Bangladesh? "I think that's probably one of the main reasons I am in the squad , because I have played in these conditions over the last three-and-a-half years".

by | May 31, 2017 | 23:47

A State Department official told NBC News that 11 USA citizen contractor personnel were injured in the blast. None of the injuries are considered life-threatening. Germany's Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel says the explosion in Kabul has wounded employees of the German Embassy and killed an Afghan security guard outside the building.

by | May 31, 2017 | 23:38

He further noted that Assam would have gotten the Dhola-Sadiya bridge much earlier had Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government returned to power in 2004. The 9.15 km-long bridge built over the Brahmaputra River will reduce travel time between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh by at least four hours.

by | May 31, 2017 | 23:11

During Trump's overseas trip last week, European leaders pressed him to keep the the pact. Almost 200 countries, including the USA under President Obama, signed the 2015 treaty agreeing to voluntarily reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to combat climate change .

by | May 31, 2017 | 23:06

Trump made withdrawing from the agreement , entered into by former President Barack Obama in 2015, a central focus of his campaign, arguing that it overburdened US consumers and energy producers with carbon pollution limits that didn't apply to developing economies.

by | May 31, 2017 | 23:07

CCTV stills of Abedi, bespectacled and casually clothed, were released by police in a plea for information about his movements between May 18 and the attack. Detectives say the 22-year-old shopped alone for most of the components he used to make the bomb. Asked during the interview: "Are you happy that MI5 should be investigating themselves?" "I think he had finished, or was still training, to be a pilot".

by | June 01, 2017 | 00:37

But Spicer also said that Trump viewed his relationship with Merkel as "fairly unbelievable" - a choice of words that drew some mocking attention on social media. The press secretary did knock media reports for not being based on named sources. Jared Kushner led three meetings in the West Wing on Tuesday - and never once acknowledged the recent stories about him.

by | June 01, 2017 | 00:19

The explosion occurred at the peak of Kabul's rush hour when roads are packed with worktime commuters. The blast left a gaping crater, at least five meters (yards) deep. Some Pakistani diplomats and staff sustained minor injuries in the attack and their residences were also damaged, according to the press release of Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

by | May 31, 2017 | 23:47

During Ramadan, work starts an hour late. German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said a security guard at the embassy was killed and some staff were wounded. The alliance praised "the courage of Afghan Security Forces, especially the police and first responders" following the attack. "I've never seen such a powerful explosion in my life", said Mohammad Haroon, who owns a nearby sporting goods store.

by | May 31, 2017 | 23:19

With all President Donald Trump has on his plate this week - staff shakeups, the Russian Federation probes and Jared Kushner; health care, budget, debt ceiling and the Paris climate deal - Trump on Tuesday morning chose to escalate his attack on Germany over trade.

by | May 31, 2017 | 23:44

These include the Patriot missile, which numerous countries have purchased from the USA, and the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense , or THAAD, which the US deployed this year to South Korea to defend against medium-range missiles from North Korea.

by | May 31, 2017 | 23:17

Comey is expected to validate reports that surfaced in the wake of his May 9 dismissal that Trump suggested Comey drop his investigation of former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn. Related: Who are key players in the Russia/Trump saga? According to CNN , Comey will soon meet with his predecessor, Robert Mueller, to discuss what the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director is and is not allowed to discuss in the Senate hearing.

by | May 31, 2017 | 23:38

Months of worry about the worst possible scenario - an asylum seeker dying in an attempt to illegally cross the border into Canada - became a reality last week after the body of a woman was found a short distance away from the border. "We thought maybe we would find somebody who had frozen to death, I guess, in the winter, but weren't expecting that this time of year". Canada has seen a spike in refugee claims, with more than 2,000 people crossing the U.S.

by | May 31, 2017 | 23:57

Spokesman Ismael Kawoosi said: "They are still bringing bodies and wounded people to hospitals". Images from the scene showed the German embassy and several others heavily damaged. The health ministry said the casualty figures were expected to rise further. Afghanistan has been suffering from a surge of attacks from the Taliban movement since it declared a new spring offensive, including spectacular attacks on the once secure capital.

by | June 01, 2017 | 00:12

He called on the Middle-eastern countries to combat Islamic extremism, pointing out that "95 per cent of the victims of terrorist attacks are themselves Muslims". The approach was also created to contrast with former President Barack Obama , whom Trump has criticized for his handling of the fight against Islamic State.

by | May 31, 2017 | 23:36

The Washington Post says, "It's a good guess that the word he was looking for was "coverage.' But the tweet, and the thought, remained incomplete". Even Merriam-Webster sounded off, though its tweet didn't specifically mention " covfefe " or Trump .

by | June 01, 2017 | 00:05

Democratic U.S. Senator Al Franken , in a CNN interview on Wednesday morning, joked: "A covfefe is a Yiddish term for 'I got to go to bed now, '" dismissing the tweet as a late-night error. The Washington Post reports the tweet, seemingly an unfinished thought with a typo, received more than 127,000 retweets and 162,000 likes before it was deleted.

by | May 31, 2017 | 23:34

As well as the German embassy, the French, Turkish and Chinese embassies were among those damaged, the three countries said, adding there were no immediate signs of injuries among their diplomats. Kabul blast has also caused damage to the residences of some Pakistani diplomats and staff, living in the close vicinity, and inflicted minor injuries to some.

by | May 31, 2017 | 22:58

Public health ministry spokesman Ismail Kawasi told the Associated Press that 350 people were injured in the bombing, which happened during rush hour in the center of Kabul . "Our thoughts are with the families of the deceased & prayers with the injured", he tweeted. The explosion also shattered windows at the Japanese Embassy.

by | May 31, 2017 | 23:56

He is due to speak with Mali's President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita during his short visit. Speaking alongside Mali's President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita at the Gao military base in the north of the country where some 1,600 troops are based, Macron also said France was determined to act for continued security in the region, and would seek to strengthen cooperation with France's European Union partner Germany to that end.

by | June 01, 2017 | 00:14

The meeting took place on the 300th anniversary of Russian Tsar Peter the Great's visit to Versailles . While the Trump administration has not outwardly denied any visas as of yet, a spokesperson for the Russian LGBT Network said , "We were informed there was no political will".

by | June 01, 2017 | 00:07

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the movement's fighters had no involvement and said the movement condemned any such untargeted attacks that caused civilian casualties. "Germany will not carry out flights deporting rejected asylum seekers to Afghanistan in the next few days", a German official said, but stressed the underlying policy remained.

by | May 31, 2017 | 22:55

McMaster told reporters ahead of the trip. Back in Washington, the ongoing Russian Federation investigations await him along with another appeals court setback for his travel ban . Earlier in the day, Trump declined to join six other world powers Italy in affirming the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. Standing with Trump after their talk in Abbas' presidential residence, Abbas said that Palestinians "are committed to working with you to reach a historic peace deal between us and Israel".

by | May 31, 2017 | 22:45

The office of TV1 is located close to the site of the explosion. According to RS: "The attack demonstrates a complete disregard for civilians and reveals the barbaric nature of the enemy faced by the Afghan people. The devastation in a heavily fortified district left Kabul in shock and underlined the country's security struggles as it confronts a sustained wave of insurgent and terrorist attacks.

by | May 31, 2017 | 22:54

A small team including Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt is working on the details of how the withdrawal will be executed, the Axios news site reports, quoting unnamed sources. The US is the world's second-biggest emitter of carbon dioxide behind China . For all its symbolic importance, the decision may have little practical effect on USA carbon emissions.

by | May 31, 2017 | 23:08

Activist Nasser Zefzafi was arrested for allegedly interrupting a preacher at a mosque, and calling for further demonstrations against corrupt officials. Moroccan security forces late Tuesday dispersed demonstrations in several cities - including Rabat , Casablanca and Fez - amid an ongoing wave of protests in the country's northeast.

by | June 01, 2017 | 00:23

The White House is also assembling a team of lawyers to protect the President from potential legal troubles. The questions have been intensified in the wake of disclosures on Friday that a senior adviser, Jared Kushner, the husband of Trump's daughter Ivanka, had contacts with the Russians in December about opening a secret back channel of communications with Moscow.

by | May 31, 2017 | 23:51

While Wenger's future still rests in the hands of Stan Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis , the report claims that he's expected to sign the contract, as long as his "authority remains unchallenged". "We have played some games in a hostile environment and I never accept that". Arsene Wenger might be celebrating a new deal just days after winning a record seventh FA Cup title.

by | May 31, 2017 | 22:46

The other G7 countries Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Canada and Japan reaffirmed their support for the accord last week. Today, he announced via Twitter that he would announce his decision in the next few days. Though no final decision has been made, Trump mulling whether to snub the climate deal - inked in Paris during a United Nations Climate Change Conference - is unsurprising, one source added .

by | May 31, 2017 | 22:38

Neighbouring Pakistan condemned the attack in a statement from the Foreign Ministry . The neighborhood is considered Kabul's safest area, with foreign embassies protected by dozens of 10-foot-high blast walls and government offices, guarded by police and national security forces.