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by | June 09, 2017 | 05:03

At the briefing, ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe said the NEC wanted an inquiry into state capture as soon as possible. A string of ANC allies have also urged Zuma to go, among them the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu), the South African Communist Party (SACP) and the South African Council of Churches (SACC).

by | June 09, 2017 | 04:28

After the attack, President Trump's eldest son, Donald Jnr, launched into a scathing attack on Mr Khan, sharing a six-month-old story by The Independent on Twitter which quoted the Mayor of London saying terror attacks were "part and parcel" of living in a global city.

by | June 09, 2017 | 04:28

In fact, according to the Rodong Sinmun newspaper , Kim said that he would "turn the (United States) into ashes", in a threat that came in response to Tuesday's historic test of a ground-based interceptor system created to shoot down incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles - including nuclear-armed missiles headed toward the US mainland or other USA territory from North Korea.

by | June 09, 2017 | 04:22

Comey also revealed new details about his meeting with Trump during the transition when he briefed the President-elect on details of a salacious dossier drawn up by a former British spy that suggested that Russian Federation had incriminating information about him.

by | June 09, 2017 | 04:19

Iran faces particular challenges from climate change, having suffered years of worsening drought and dust storms, compounded by poor water resource management. The announcement comes just days after President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the accord. "We will address the issue and move on", he said.

by | June 09, 2017 | 03:46

The first meeting with Trump after the inauguration occurred on January 27, during a private dinner at the White House that Comey came to view as an attempt by the president to "create some sort of patronage relationship". "Lordy, I hope there are tapes", Comey remarked at one point, suggesting such evidence would back up his account over any claims from the president.

by | June 09, 2017 | 04:50

Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates , Bahrain , Egypt and Yemen cut diplomatic ties with the tiny Gulf state, accusing Qatar of harbouring extremists and backing Saudi Arabia's regional rival, Iran. USA and European officials said that while United States government agencies and experts were convinced that the news agency and the Qatari government's Twitter feed were hacked, they have not yet determined who did the hacking.

by | June 09, 2017 | 04:54

Authorities said the death count had risen to 17 and scores were wounded. Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guards accused Saudi Arabia and the U.S. of being behind the attacks. "Also there are plainclothes officers in shopping centers", said Mohammadali Rastgou, a shopkeeper in northern Tehran's Tajrish square. Neighboring Middle East countries also publicly condemned the ISIS attack, with leaders of the UAE, Jordan and Qatar making public statements.

by | June 09, 2017 | 04:35

But, as the leader, I must do what is right for the party and South Africa ". "My original tweets, in a conversation about lessons from Singapore, were not in any way meant to harm the party, nor in any objective reading of them, could they be interpreted as doing so.

by | June 09, 2017 | 04:30

In the 6.00 a.m. call, he denied Qatar's emir made comments reported by the state-run news agency criticising hostility to Iran, sympathising with three Islamist groups, accusing Saudi Arabia of adopting an extremist ideology that fosters terrorism and suggesting Donald Trump may not last long as USA president.

by | June 09, 2017 | 03:31

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who had just returned from a G7 meeting in Italy, told reporters: " North Korea's provocation by ignoring repeated warning from the global society is absolutely unacceptable". "We can not tolerate such repeated actions from North Korea , and we have lodged a strong protest against North Korea , criticizing them in the strongest form", Suga said in a statement after the test.

by | June 09, 2017 | 04:05

For Sofia's character, Ahmanet , she transforms into the Mummy who is brought back from the dead by Tom Cruises' character. "And my wife said 'I have never said this before but I really want you to do it because I really want to hear more about Tom Cruise ".

by | June 09, 2017 | 03:09

Police said Zaghba was "not a police or MI5 subject of interest" after Italian reports said Italian intelligence had notified British and Moroccan secret services about his status as a potential extremist. Ambulance workers, many of whom treated the wounded in Saturday's attack, gathered outside their headquarters alongside Mayor Sadiq Khan. The Metropolitan Police have defended a decision to downgrade an inquiry into Butt, saying they did not have any evidence of a plot.

by | June 09, 2017 | 03:47

We want Qatar to take a U-turn, we want Qatar to change course in its sponsorship and support of extremism and its sponsorship and support of disruptive policies in the Gulf and in wider region... Castaner said France doesn't intent to take sides. Qatar's ports and airports remained open to trade on Wednesday with countries not taking part in the Saudi-led boycott, a government official said.

by | June 09, 2017 | 03:37

Comey, in detail, relays how Trump asked all of his top advisers to leave a February 14 meeting in the Oval Office - one by one - until he was alone with Comey. He said a combination of "circumstance, subject matter and the person I was interacting with...had led me to believe I've got to write it down and write it down in a very detailed way".

by | June 09, 2017 | 02:26

Pan-Arab satellite network Al Jazeera was combating a large-scale cyber attack on its media platform, but all its entities remained operational, a company source said on Thursday. "All this talk about Jazeera interfering in other countries' affairs is nonsense". The report could not be immediately verified. "No. Al Jazeera's editorial policy is going to continue the same regardless of what happens with this event".

by | June 09, 2017 | 02:05

Patterson was not the father of her children, he said. When she realized there was a man with a gun, she put eight or nine extra school kids into her vehicle and its trunk, and took them a short but safe distance away, warning other drivers as she retreated.

by | June 09, 2017 | 01:50

Prime Minister Theresa May called the snap vote in April, when opinion poll ratings for her and her centre-right Conservative party were sky-high, presenting herself as the strong leader to steer the country through tough negotiations to leave the EU.

by | June 09, 2017 | 03:08

As part of the operation, United States military invaded Panama and took control of Noriega. Retired Army general and former secretary of state Colin L. Noriega, once on friendly terms with the United States because of his country's location on the Panama Canal, became a U.S. target as relations deteriorated.

by | June 09, 2017 | 02:11

He is thought to be 45-year-old Xavier Thomas, who was in London for the weekend with his girlfriend. London police have identified the three assailants in Saturday night's terror attack , that killed seven people and injured almost 50 more, as Khuram Shazad Butt , 27, Rachid Redouane , 30, and Youssef Zaghba , 22.

by | June 09, 2017 | 01:44

Italy has expelled more than 40 people in the past two years who were suspected of radicalisation activities but for whom there was insufficient evidence to bring formal charges. Policing has become a flashpoint of the British political debate, with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Monday calling on May to quit over the loss of 20,000 police jobs, mostly during her six years as interior minister under previous prime minister David Cameron .

by | June 09, 2017 | 01:31

In seeking peace today, the challenge lies with other players in the region, including the Palestinians , to do the same. Fifty years of occupation must end. "On 14 May 1948, the State of Israel was born". Instead, Finkelstein explains, Israel was trying to finish what it had started in the 1956 Suez Crisis, Mondoweiss reports .

by | June 09, 2017 | 01:58

The Golan and east Jerusalem were subsequently annexed but the moves were never recognised by the global community. Greg Myre was based in Jerusalem from 1999-2007 and is the co-author of This Burning Land , on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

by | June 09, 2017 | 02:53

Two days later, South Korean troops fired warning shots at an "unidentified object" that flew across the heavily fortified border with North Korea , the South Korean military said. Trump has said he would consider military action against North Korea . "As we agreed at the recent G7, the issue of North Korea is a top priority for the global community", Prime Minister Abe told reporters in a televised comment, as cited by Reuters .

by | June 09, 2017 | 02:37

She served as acting attorney general during the transition period and beginning of Trump's administration, while Trump's nominee for the role, then-Sen. Thomas O'Connor, president of the FBI Agents Association which endorsed former Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., for the job, said the group "looks forward" to meeting with Wray.

by | June 09, 2017 | 02:31

While the actress is winning praise and her character being hailed as a role model, director Patty Jenkins is being lauded for her efforts to break outdated sexism that exists in Hollywood. She said: "I was pregnant and showing for some of the additional scenes we shot but they did some clever stuff with special effects to hide my bump".

by | June 09, 2017 | 01:23

As the parliament attack unfolded, gunmen and suicide bombers also struck outside Khomeini's mausoleum on Tehran's southern outskirts. "Japan will continue to fight terrorism in close coordination with the worldwide community", the Premier added.

by | June 09, 2017 | 01:42

Police believe a body recovered from the River Thames is French tourist Xavier Thomas, who has been missing since Saturday night's London Bridge attack. Off-duty police officers and a business editor were also among the 48 people who were injured in the attack. A man was arrested in Limerick, in the Irish Republic on Tuesday over the discovery of ID documents in Redouane's name.

by | June 09, 2017 | 01:56

Backing fresh sanctions on North Korea, Russia's deputy United Nations ambassador Vladimir Safronkov stressed in June that "the choice here has to be made in favor of using diplomatic tools to the maximum extent possible". It also said the country "will not flinch from the road to build up nuclear forces" and vowed to continue to carry out ballistic missile launches "until the moment when the US and its followers are brought to reason about the root cause and a solution to the nuclear issue".

by | June 09, 2017 | 02:35

A Chinese-born Australian was killed by a gunman who was shot dead by police in what authorities described as a terrorist incident in Melbourne on Monday. The couple is thought to have split. He and two other terrorists killed seven and injured 48 when they used a rented van to mow down pedestrians on London Bridge .

by | June 09, 2017 | 01:12

She had already prepared one week in advance to "motivate me to study more", Ananya told the Associated Press. After consoling her fellow competitor and lifting her trophy, she flashed a toothy grin to the audience. Now, she'll return only in a ceremonial role to help present the trophy to next year's victor. Her favourite sport is basketball, and she is a Golden State Warriors fan.

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Qatari media had also published a cartoon mocking Saudi King Salman for spreading "fake news". Bahrain, Saudi Arabia , Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and several other countries severed relations with Doha on Monday, accusing it of supporting Islamist militants and their arch-foe Iran - charges Qatar says are baseless.

by | June 09, 2017 | 02:07

Supreme Court Justice David Souter - wrote in a new column that Trump's tweets do harm his case, first by contradicting the lawyers defending his order and by insulting the judiciary, and second by suggesting that the second executive order is a legal maneuver to accomplish the goals of his first executive order.

by | June 09, 2017 | 00:28

As the Qatar crisis continues to spiral, Turkey has offered to mediate and is now trying to fast-track legislation to send more of its troops to a Turkish base in the Gulf state. Not this time. And that means Qatar will most likely give in. "We believe this will exacerbate Qatar's external vulnerabilities and could put pressure on its economic growth and fiscal metrics", S&P said.

by | June 09, 2017 | 00:46

His posts came as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain accused Qatar of supporting terrorism and cut diplomatic ties with the Gulf state, which hosts a major USA military base. But despite his defiance, the foreign minister was adamant the crisis would not evolve into a military conflict. Qatar is the world's largest exporter of liquefied natural gas.