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by | May 12, 2017 | 21:00

Trump's contention that he was going to fire Comey regardless of what Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the No. 2 Justice Department official Rod Rosenstein recommended conflicts with earlier explanations from the White House. The White House has tried to explain why the president felt the need to fire the director of the FBI at a critical junction in the FBI's investigation into the president's campaign, and the official line started crumbling under the weight of its own contradictions ...

by | May 12, 2017 | 21:37

The Russian-led deal "was concluded without the Syrian people" and "lacks the minimum basics of legitimacy", it said in a statement. And Syrian rebel groups have also not been party to the deal and have been critical of it. "The only place where the coalition's aviation can operate is certainly on targets of the Islamic State". Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway. ISIS is an alternative acronym for the Sunni militant group.

by | May 12, 2017 | 20:28

The Arctic is warming at double the rate of the rest of the planet, with average temperatures up 3.5 degrees Centigrade since the beginning of the 20th century, leading to rapid loss of glacial ice and permafrost. "The Paris climate agreement is the cornerstone for mitigating climate change", Soini said. The United States, an Arctic country because of the state of Alaska, is joined on the council by Canada, Russia, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

by | May 12, 2017 | 21:46

And in Denmark earlier Tuesday, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said the US and Turkey are working out their differences. A spokesman for the US -led coalition against IS, Col. Raqqa is very important for Daesh, it is a strategic place. Col Dorrian said the arms include heavy machine guns to be used against ISIL lorry bombs, mortars, small arms and ammunition, as well as armoured vehicles and equipment to detect landmines.

by | May 12, 2017 | 20:12

Park's father is slain military strongman Park Chung-hee, who ruled South Korea in the 1960s and '70s, and whose legacy as a successful economic strategist is marred by a record of vicious civilian oppression. The deployment of THAAD was agreed a year ago by South Korea's previous administration after North Korea conducted a long-range rocket launch that put an object into space.

by | May 12, 2017 | 20:03

The whole point of the safe zones is to put demilitarized areas between factions fighting one another to try to slow the war, and this would mean effectively that all combatant forces are to be kept out of the zone, including United States troops and warplanes.

by | May 12, 2017 | 21:06

Witnesses saw nationalist protesters angered over Xhaferi's election beating up another lawmaker in parliament. President Gjorgi Ivanov has refused giving the mandate for a new government, although Zoran Zaev (the leader of SDSM) provided a list of signatures, guaranteeing the parliamentary majority.

by | May 12, 2017 | 21:25

Reclusive North Korea warned this week that USA hostility had brought the region to the brink of nuclear war. To discuss, Worldview talks with Peter Hayes, director of the Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability in Berkeley, California.

by | May 12, 2017 | 21:33

North Korea's Ministry of State Security made it clear the attempt to kill Kim Jung Un was thwarted last month. North Korean authorities have detained those who travelled independently and those who were part of organized tours, the State Department said.

by | May 12, 2017 | 20:37

As they ate, the president and Comey made small talk about the election and the crowd sizes at Trump's rallies. Comey declined to make that pledge. Trump, in his interview , also gave further details of his account that Comey had told him on three separate occasions that he was not under investigation in the Russian Federation matter.

by | May 12, 2017 | 21:11

China would have to rely on issuing long-term bonds to finance the scheme, Hong said. With China saying the Belt and Road is open to everyone, at least one country not widely seen as a safe investment choice is expected to show up - diplomatically isolated and nuclear-armed North Korea.

by | May 12, 2017 | 20:44

President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday that the country needs a "good 'shutdown, '" as well advocated for changing Senate rules, in a pair of tweets where he complained about the congressional negotiating process. "I'll try to answer it one more time, and clearly we're having a lot of background noise here". "This is what winning looks like", Trump said during a ceremony honoring the Air Force Academy football team.

by | May 12, 2017 | 20:58

That's incredible news because the Patriots originally signed Andrews as an undrafted free agent in 2015, and he's now entering his third year with the reigning Super Bowl Champions. He's appeared in 30 games for the Patriots, and he started in every playoff win this past season. Joe Thuney is signed through 2019, while Shaw Mason is signed through 2018.

by | May 12, 2017 | 20:39

Duterte's spokesman, Ernesto Abella, said Trump was very much aware of the criticism of Duterte, but had praised him for "doing a great job considering the weight and the enormity of the conditions in the Philippines". On Monday, Duterte suggested he may be too "tied up" to visit Washington . In an interview with Sputnik Chinese , political expert from Moscow State University Alexei Fenenko said that the Philippines is one of the main allies of the USA in the Asian region and thus there ...

by | May 12, 2017 | 20:19

Still, Moon appears to realize the changing political landscape limits a wholesale return to the Sunshine Policy, which ultimately failed to prevent a nuclear-armed North Korea. But Moon and Abe did not see eye to eye on a controversial deal struck with ex-President Park Geun-hye on compensating the Korean women who were forced to serve as sex slaves for Japanese troops during World War II.

by | May 12, 2017 | 20:21

Jindal had met with Sharif and this is said to have angered the Pakistan army chief, General Qamar Bajwa. The report said the military leadership had also taken its senior officers into confidence about the prime minister's meeting with Mr Jindal.

by | May 12, 2017 | 21:15

The monument has been surrounded by barricades for the past several days. "Today we continue the mission". Ingraham wrote on Twitter in a since-deleted tweet, quoting a news report that said a New Orleans memorial to Confederate President Jefferson Davis will come down this week .

by | May 12, 2017 | 21:00

But Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu slammed the move, saying "every weapon that reaches their hands is a threat toward Turkey", and that Turkey's president would raise the issue during a visit to Washington planned for next week. A statement released by the Kurdish elements of the SDF said that although the decision was "made a bit late", it will bring "rapid" results in the fight against terrorism and noted that, until now, the Kurdish forces suffered "deficiencies for a long ...

by | May 12, 2017 | 19:23

Telling host Peter Alexander that she didn't necessarily agree with Trump's decision to fire Comey, Waters nevertheless said she would have recommended that Hillary Clinton terminate the Federal Bureau of Investigation head if she would have won the election.

by | May 12, 2017 | 20:23

He died on February 4 as a result of a traumatic brain injury, officials said. Two of the 18 people that will face charges have roots in Lackawanna County. A forensic pathologist said he suffered a base of skull fracture and multiple traumatic brain injures, and experienced respiratory failure from severe head trauma and compromised brain function.

by | May 12, 2017 | 20:49

Right before the physical fight broke out, a female flight attendant tried to separate the men, but she soon found herself pushed back onto a seat. One man quickly gets the advantage and forces the other down before unleashing a series of furious punches as others attempt to intervene.

by | May 12, 2017 | 19:59

The president also expressed the appreciation of the federal government to security agencies, the Red Cross , local authorities as well as local and foreign NGOs and all those who contributed in one way or another to secure the release of the 82 Chibok girls.

by | May 12, 2017 | 20:02

His "America first" campaign rhetoric has bumped up against the challenges of conflict overseas. CLS's main method is to examine large hourly volume deviations from the corresponding 2016 average hourly volumes, likely resulting from events related to President Trump and his administration.

by | May 12, 2017 | 20:09

We wish all the very best to the students for Madhya Pradesh Board class 12th examination results. If Students those who have not passed in the MPBSE Class 10th Examination should appear for Supplementary. MPBSE has also announced the results of students who were enrolled in vocational stream in intermediate. Students are eagerly waiting for their MP Class 10th / 12th results since the exams got over.

by | May 12, 2017 | 19:28

Afghanistan refuses to allow Pakistan to set up additional border posts, even though the frontier area is used by the Taliban and other Islamic militant groups. In a separate development, Iraqi officials said Islamic State militants attacked a base near the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk on Sunday, killing two soldiers before US-led forces launched a wave of airstrikes to repel the assault, officials said.

by | May 12, 2017 | 20:21

The document proposes sweeping reforms including the renationalisation of the railways, tax hikes and a large increase in borrowing to invest in infrastructure. But he then failed to confirm that Britain would definitely leave the European Union if he were prime minister, leaving aides to clarify later that this was the case.

by | May 12, 2017 | 20:23

Noria said in the video's description that two women asked her father for help as a man was harassing them. Captured on a video that Noria Alward uploaded to YouTube on May 5, Downing's rant was picked up and verified by BuzzFeed News and has gone viral.

by | May 12, 2017 | 20:01

Massoud Rezvanian, speaking on behalf of the Like-Minded Developing Countries, a negotiating bloc representing more than half the world's population in China, India, Africa and the Arab world, said the agreement "must be observed and not be renegotiated".

by | May 12, 2017 | 19:13

He would not comment on conversations between Trump and the Federal Bureau of Investigation director. You know that, I know that. But to think of Trump as a legitimate target in the crosshairs of a Russia-related collusion investigation is little more than a fantasy for the Democratic Party.

by | May 12, 2017 | 19:37

Singing the praises of China's ambitious foreign policy project. The initiative is in many ways natural for China, the world's biggest trader. Last year, China invested four times more in Europe than European Union companies invested in China.

by | May 12, 2017 | 20:00

Mr. Trump plans to gather leaders from across the Muslim world in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, and he said he hoped to use the meeting to establish "a new foundation of cooperation and support with our Muslim allies to combat extremism, terrorism and violence and to embrace a more just and hopeful future for young Muslims in their countries".

by | May 12, 2017 | 18:39

Mr. Comey couldn't immediately be reached for comment. Senate Democrats, in protest, ground routine committee work to a halt. Trump was barely visible. The articles set the stage for another contentious press briefing in the White House today, where Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be questioned about her account from the day before.

by | May 12, 2017 | 19:24

Marion Marechal-Le Pen, 27, is one of only two National Front (FN) lawmakers. The niece of defeated far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen announced Tuesday, May 9 that she's leaving political life, at least temporarily, citing "personal and political reasons".

by | May 12, 2017 | 18:26

Responding to a twitter user who asked why President Buhari did not hand over the affiars of the country to him, Osinbajo said President Buhari did transfer power to him and that he had sent a letter to the Senate in compliance with S.145 (1) of the 1999 Constitution (as amended).

by | May 12, 2017 | 19:15

North Korea's U.N. Mission late Thursday issued a statement calling the purported plot to kill Kim a "declaration of war". DPRK is the abbreviation of North Korea's official name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. According to state media reports, the coerced North Korean is a resident of Pyongyang who had previously been working in Russia's timber industry. Ltd., met Kim in Dandong, on North Korea's border with China, to give him communications equipment and cash.