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by | May 20, 2017 | 04:31

A man accused of mowing down a crowd of pedestrians with his auto in Times Square has made his first appearance in court charged with murder and attempted murder. Details of the circumstances were not immediately available. Navy records show he spent two months in a military prison in Charleston, South Carolina, in the summer of 2013, but did not say why.

by | May 20, 2017 | 03:41

The meeting was called after 13 political parties met EC raising questions on EVMs. AAP has vociferously raised the issue after its disappointing performance in Punjab and Goa assembly elections and the recent MCD polls. Election Commission of India (ECI) has scheduled an All Political Parties meeting on 12th May 2017 for EVM Issues and other Electoral Reforms. EVM, which plays an important role in Indian Politics, which plays a key role in creating a political party's future are nowadays ...

by | May 20, 2017 | 04:23

Collins told CNN's "New Day" on Wednesday that reports surrounding Comey's firing and about a memo detailing a meeting with Trump in which the President asked him to stop his investigation into Flynn were "deeply troubling". "And I'm sure we're going to want to hear from Mr. Comey about why, if this happened as he allegedly describes, why he didn't take action at the time ", he continued.

by | May 20, 2017 | 03:10

Shortly before Erdogan was due to arrive at the Turkish ambassador's residence, members of his notorious security detail pushed past USA police and assaulted the protest group. The US respects Turkish concerns about its "by, with, and through" approach to the Syrian Democratic Forces led by the YPG, and will continue consulting with ankara as the focus on combating IS continues, Nauert said.

by | May 20, 2017 | 03:34

President Donald Trump shared highly classified information with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov when they met last week, according to a media report. Brownlee said a resolution to the situation in Syria requires a concerted effort from the USA and Russian Federation, and he hoped the meeting between Mr.

by | May 20, 2017 | 02:25

Assange has been denying the rape allegations and though the latest decision might bring some relief but he is still under pressure as if he leaves the embassy he could still be detained by United Kingdom police and face extradition to the US.

by | May 20, 2017 | 02:56

Former FBI Assistant Director Ron Hosko, now president of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, said he thinks Trump may have underestimated Comey who, as a career FBI investigator, had been trained to make copious notes of his conversations.

by | May 20, 2017 | 02:06

British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Friday it would be "an operational matter for the police" to decide whether to arrest Assange if he left the embassy. STOCKHOLM/LONDON Swedish prosecutors dropped an investigation of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Friday over a rape allegation, but British police said he would still be arrested if he left the Ecuadorean embassy in London where he has been holed up for five years.

by | May 20, 2017 | 02:44

At this point, it's far from a sure-thing strategy - while there is no shortage of Republicans who have expressed problems with how and when James Comey was sacked from the FBI's top spot, there has been no rush to embrace Democratic calls for a special counsel.

by | May 20, 2017 | 03:12

Today the International Court of Justice initiated its hearing towards Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav's death verdict by Pakistan. He said India made endless solicitations for consular get to, however, Pakistan declined to give reports identifying with the case and consular access to him.

by | May 20, 2017 | 02:27

The 45-year-old sought refuge at the Ecuadorian embassy in London in June 2012, after exhausting options in United Kingdom courts to avoid extradition over the allegations stemming from a 2010 trip to Sweden. Has Assange been questioned by Swedish prosecutors? . He could have left the country then and there but stayed for a while, in case the authorities chose to question him again.

by | May 20, 2017 | 02:28

China wants to put ties with South Korea back on a "normal track", President Xi Jinping said on Friday, but Beijing also urged Seoul to respect its concerns and resolve tensions over the deployment of a USA anti-missile system that it opposes.

by | May 20, 2017 | 02:20

Emmanuel Macron received a strong endorsement from French voters in Sunday's second round election, winning around 66 percent of the vote. There is scepticism however about Macron's ability to win a majority with En Marche candidates, meaning he might have to form a coalition.

by | May 20, 2017 | 01:07

Just two days after the election, Obama urged President-elect Trump not to rehire Flynn, whom he once fired from the Pentagon. Spicer said that after the White House first viewed the evidence and materials on February 2, which were first flagged by Yates on January 26, there were various meetings and discussions that took place leading up to the request for Flynn's resignation on February 13.

by | May 20, 2017 | 01:08

I actually thought when I made that decision, and I also got a very, very strong recommendation, as you know, from the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. The White House says an investigation will prove there was no collusion. The New York Times had recently reported on a memo, allegedly written by Mr Comey, claiming Mr Trump had asked him to drop the investigation during a private meeting at the White House.

by | May 20, 2017 | 01:49

Officials from the US -led coalition attempted to use a hotline established with the Russians to warn the Syrian government to remove the forces from near the coalition base. Syrian ally Russian Federation also denounced the US-led strike as "unacceptable". America has been militarily involved in Syria since 2014 but has for the most part avoided engaging directly in the country's civil war.

by | May 20, 2017 | 00:40

Many of those named in the federal indictment already are in custody under state charges. The 163-page indictment is the largest single indictment in the history of the North Carolina Western District. A lot of them are from the Charlotte region, including Shelby and Gastonia. The gang has rules of conduct, codes and colors of communication, and membership requirements that include something called a "beat in", during which perspective members are beaten by the gang for 31 seconds.

by | May 20, 2017 | 01:36

The response triggered the "first public dispute" between Tel Aviv and the Trump administration, according to Israeli newspaper, Haaretz . Trump is to begin his first trip overseas as president on May 19, visiting Saudi Arabia, Israel (and the West Bank city of Bethlehem), and the Vatican before jetting to a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation meeting in Brussels and the G7 summit in Sicily.

by | May 20, 2017 | 02:30

We haven't seen an unemployment rate this low in almost nine years. It had the second fastest annual job growth rate compared to all the metro areas in the state in trade, transportation, and utilities (+5.4 percent) in April 2017. "50,000 more Alabamians are working now compared to past year". Data showed that employment rose 37.4k in April, following the 60k gain in March. State and federal government employment contracted, as well.

by | May 20, 2017 | 01:30

During the transition, Lieberman visited at least twice with the president at Trump Tower in New York City. Trump told television anchors at a lunch Thursday that he was close to making his decision. Flynn has figured prominently in the FBI investigation into Russian interference into the election. The attempts to smear Lieberman once again only further reveal that the Democrats' concerns about Trump's connections to Russian Federation are nothing more than political plays to block the ...

by | May 20, 2017 | 02:10

The National Press Club is filing an objection over what it says is the "manhandling" of a reporter who tried to ask a question of a commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission. The agency later apologized and said it restored Shields' credentials. He said, "Donnelly was doing his job and doing it with his characteristic civility".

by | May 20, 2017 | 01:06

Keith's performance is part of a huge schedule of events the kingdom has arranged to try to impress Trump during his visit. Planning for the foreign trip has proceeded haltingly, with Trump resisting some of the pageantry that is usually a hallmark of a president's travels.

by | May 20, 2017 | 02:08

Ailes' wife said in a statement she's "profoundly sad and heartbroken at her husband's passing". Judith and I extend our condolences, love and prayers to Beth, Zachary and all of Roger's family, including his Fox family. Roger Ailes was the former CEO of Fox News and was responsible for making the conservative news empire the powerhouse that it is today. Roger Ailes , the architect of the Fox News Channel, died Thursday.

by | May 20, 2017 | 01:09

Property managers at Washington's Union Station Metro stop are looking into the possibility that a screen was hacked after pornographic videos streamed on a digital advertisement board. PornHub vice president Corey Price said he hoped the material had provided "relief" to stressed commuters. A video of the incident was posted to social media, and has since been deleted, according to The Post.

by | May 20, 2017 | 00:11

Iran denies seeking nuclear weapons and its foreign ministry on Thursday condemned the new United States sanctions and announced plans to impose its own against "nine U.S. companies selling to or dealing with Iran will remain suspended for the time being. Jones statement coincided with the Department of Treasury's announcement of new sanctions related to Iran's ballistic missile programme.

by | May 20, 2017 | 01:16

He has been living at the Ecuadoran embassy in London since 2012, and the British police have said they will arrest Assange as soon as he walks out of the embassy because he has broken his conditions for bail - a relatively minor offence under British law - by failing to surrender on June 29, 2012 for extradition to Sweden.

by | May 20, 2017 | 00:10

The fervently pro-European Macron wants to push for deeper ties in the 28-member European Union to help the bloc overcome the imminent departure of Britain which voted to leave previous year. Macron said France and Germany had come "at a historic moment in their history" and both have a responsibility to fight against populism and restore faith in the European project.

by | May 19, 2017 | 23:52

Winning the games would be a boost for France after years of fading global influence and a coup for Macron as he attempts to revive the French economy. Macron has promised a new law introducing higher ethical standards for lawmakers as one of his first pieces of legislation and was keen to avoid possible embarrassments, aides said.

by | May 20, 2017 | 00:15

North Korea has claimed that the aim was to kill Mr Jong-un during a public event in Pyongyang. The KCNA report claimed the plot was "recently uncovered and smashed", and accused members of the Central Intelligence Agency and IS of working with a North Korean citizen to provide money and weapons to carry out "state-sponsored terrorism".

by | May 20, 2017 | 00:51

Representatives of Syria's government and opposition High Negotiations Committee are in Switzerland for the sixth round of UN-backed peace negotiations, but there has been little sign of progress. The coalition said "apparent" Russian attempts to stop pro-Assad forces from moving toward Tanf, as well as warning shots and a show of force, had failed.

by | May 20, 2017 | 00:16

Nicola Sturgeon visits Glaxo Smith Kline. "The nationalists want to drag Scotland out of the United Kingdom but haven't even worked out the basics like currency". Scottish Liberal Democrats leader Willie Rennie said: "People are getting exhausted of the SNP and all their promises". Ms Sturgeon added: "When we come to an independence referendum - if we come to an independence referendum - these issues will be subject to the greatest scrutiny".

by | May 19, 2017 | 23:30

The Assad regime has confirmed that US -led coalition warplanes on Thursday struck one of its military sites in southern Syria near the border with Jordan. Both the government forces and the rebels are trying to rout Islamic State militants from the area. Assad condemned that us strike on a Syrian airfield as "reckless", "irresponsible" and "short-sighted".

by | May 20, 2017 | 01:08

Plenty of the best players to have played for the club at their magnificent home ground were present at the game and paid tribute to the stadium. Spurs will play their home league games next season at Wembley with the view to moving into their new home for the 2018/19 season.

by | May 19, 2017 | 23:24

No". Earlier this week there were several news reports that Trump made the request regarding Flynn during a February meeting in the Oval Office. "I do (have confidence in Trump)", he told reporters at a news conference. "There was no collusion", he said. Mueller on Wednesday evening was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as special counsel to oversee the Justice Department's investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the US presidential election and related issues.

by | May 20, 2017 | 00:40

He has been there ever since, fearing that if he was in custody he might ultimately be extradited to the United States for his role at the helm of WikiLeaks , which has enraged governments around the world by publishing tens of thousands of leaked classified US documents.