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by | May 13, 2017 | 17:38

In a speech at the National Assembly, Moon pledged to work for peace on the Korean Peninsula amid growing worry over the North's expanding nuclear weapons and missiles program. On Thursday, Moon asked Xi to help end the Chinese boycott of South Korean goods. After the obligatory congratulations, Japan is cautiously watching to see how relations with South Korea evolve under Moon, known for his tough stance on wartime history and territorial issues.

by | May 13, 2017 | 16:22

Tyerell Joe Przybycien faces charges of murder in connection with the death of a 15-year-old girl. "He confessed to purchasing the industrial strength air duster, purchasing the rope, driving the victim up to the location, helping tie the noose, and filming the incident which resulted in the death of the victim and taking no action to stop it or render aid", the arrest affidavit read.

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Vipin Kumar Jai, one of the lawyers representing the banks, said that Mallya had deliberately concealed his assets and withheld information from the court, leading to the contempt charge. But instead of being either present in court or even filing a response to the contempt notice, he had opted to file an application in the SC for recall of the contempt notice.

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Researchers primarily studied participants' diets with an eye toward the amount of dairy products consumed, alongside the rate of CVD, coronary heart disease (CHD) and death. People, especially young women, who don't drink enough milk are at risk of damaging their bone development and getting conditions such as osteoporosis, or "brittle bones", The Guardian reported.

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Despite there being a common understanding between me and my queer friends that we've probably all been vilified in the same way and made to feel a similar flavour of inadequate, we will rarely acknowledge, even within the safe boundaries of friendship, that this has had a lasting impact on our ability to maintain a healthy self-image.

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The nurses at St. Vincent Healthcare said nursing isn't just a job, it's a calling. National Nurses Week's theme is " Nursing: The Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit ". She is a charge nurse in the Labor and Delivery Unit at Lane Regional Medical Center in Zachary. "More places now value nurses". Here's a personal shout out to all the wonderful nurses at Rex Hospital who took such fantastic care of me when I had my gall bladder out a little over a year ago.

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He has led a series-best 328 laps at the track since 2014, and he has led 50-plus four times in that span. Harvick has also led the most laps at 1.5-mile ovals in 2017, and this weekend, he is bringing the auto that led almost every lap at Atlanta earlier this year.

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Almost 23,000 people were killed in Mexico in 2016 as the turf wars among drug cartels continued. Mexico questioned the comparison between a drug war in which police with help from the military are fighting organized criminal operations, and arenas of modern warfare.

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After the shocking news of his passing became public Tuesday afternoon, his family, friends and colleagues in Lansing all took to social media to remember him. He had sought treatment after the first, in November 2015. Prior to serving in office, he worked in the automotive industry. He's survived by his wife and two children, who live in Marquette .

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Majority were sleeping on the second floor. Other members of the family were hospitalized with injuries. The Montgomery County Fire Marshal's Office said the children who died were 13-year-old Terrance "TJ" Mitchell, 6-year-old Kaila Mitchell and 5-year-old Kyle Mitchell.

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Computers have been infected with "ransomware" demanding payments of as much as Dollars 600 to restore access and scrambling data. Jakub Kroustek, malware researcher at Avast, says there are 57,000 " Wanna Cry " detections so far, which are mainly being targeted to Russia, Ukraine, and Taiwan.

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President Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation joined a chorus of world leaders, including President Donald Trump, who have congratulated Macron. Macron laid the groundwork for his transition to power, announcing a visit to Germany and a name change for his political movement and appearing with his predecessor at a solemn World War II commemoration, even as the focus shifted to the challenges ahead for his administration.

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The White House aims to seek reciprocal market access in China for U.S. companies, especially in the agriculture and finance sectors, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the plan, as reported by the Post on May 9. "This should lead to full and prompt market access", according to a Commerce fact sheet describing the initial commitments. Though the Chinese government has taken some steps to comply with the ruling, the US maintained as recently as March that its trading partner is ...

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The Formula hasn't been updated in years and if we would just get what we are supposed to, it might not solve all of Lakewood's problems, but it would help a lot", Rabbi Avi Schnall, director of Agudath Israel of New Jersey, told Hamodia .

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The euro firmed and US stock futures hit a record high on Monday after centrist Emmanuel Macron comfortably won the French presidential election. Ferrand said the names of Macron's 577 candidates in the legislative elections would be announced on Thursday.

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The day is barely observed in Mexico, but was celebrated in California by Latinos and abolitionists who linked the victory to the fight against slavery. President Barack Obama held a Cinco de Mayo reception seven of his eight years in office. In Chandler, Arizona, there are annual Chihuahua dog races on Cinco de Mayo .

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Limestone County will "Paint the Town Purple" this week as they honor those who have fought and those who are fighting cancer. [Written by Marisa Whitecross] The Bermuda Relay for Life event is now underway, with the 24 hour walk seeing people give their support for cancer fighters and survivors, while helping to raise funds.

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Film critic Chuck Koplinski joins the Morning Show for this week's Friday Flicks and is reviewing both King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and Norman. David Beckham has a small role in the movie but his performance has been panned. Legend Of The Sword which has managed to rise up to a rotten 26% from yesterday's 21% on Rotten Tomatoes tells the origin of a young King Arthur who comes up unaware of his past after his Uncle Vortigern (Jude Law) murdered his Father (Eric Bana) and overthrew ...

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Russia's interior ministry said Friday that some of its computers had been hit by a "virus attack" amid reports of major cyber strikes across the globe . On Friday, ransomware attacks hit tens of thousands of organizations in what is thought to be the biggest cyberextortion attack recorded, according to a report from The Associated Press .

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Hepatitis C killed about 20,000 Americans in 2015, making it the most fatal infectious disease tracked by the CDC. The biggest jump in new infections is in people ages 20 to 29, the CDC said . Newborns cannot be tested for hepatitis C , they must be followed for eighteen months until doctors can determine if they've been infected. The opioid epidemic now plaguing the country is being blamed for a dramatic increase in the number of pregnant women with hepatitis C.

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Iranian Ambassador to Pakistan Mehdi Honardoost has said that Iran did not ask for consular access to alleged Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav, who has been sentenced to death by a Pakistani military court. Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Thursday congratulated the government for approaching the International Court of Justice on Kulbhushan Jadhav, even as his party has expressed caution over the move.

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Participants at Thursday's global conference on Somalia say they will support a plan aimed at enabling the country's fledgling and poorly-equipped army to defeat al-Shabab militants and take over national security from African Union troops.

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Some hospitals are diverting emergencies due to the cyber attack, according to Guardian . Ransomware is not new; for victims, such an attack is normally a colossal headache. The ransomware is holding each computer hostage for $300 in Bitcoin (roughly £230 or AU$400). The firm manages cybersecurity for 140 of the NHS's hospitals.

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Thursday, state police said . Bowden released McHam to law enforcement and surrendered. The ruling this week by a MA judge vacating Aaron Hernandez's murder conviction has angered the victim's family and roiled prosecutors. A passerby noticed the injured deputy and called the police for help, but Mainhart's injuries were too extensive for him to be saved. Dardanelle is about 65 miles west of Little Rock.

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Reuters reported that more than 11 percent of voters chose neither Macron nor Le Pen. "I will fight with all of my strength against the divisions that are undermining us", he said. Currently, he has no party in Parliament. If another party wins a majority, Mr Macron could be pressured to choose a prime minister from that party, a situation the French call "cohabitation".

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Rivals who backed Macron to counter National Front candidate Marine Le Pen in the presidential runoff are now setting their sights on defeating him in the June parliamentary elections. Macron said his task was to rebuild European unity, fix the French economy and ensure security against extremist threats. Within minutes of the results on Sunday, a defeated Le Pen sounded the charge for the general election.

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Scott hasn't said whether he'll sign the bill to make Vermont the ninth state to legalize recreational marijuana, but he has said he wants to be sure the proposal addresses public safety needs, such as ways to counter drugged driving. He contended that legislators tend to be more conservative than the public on social issues. The state could join MA and ME as the only eastern states to legalize recreational marijuana sales.

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Crutcher was unarmed, and was seen on police dash cam and helicopter video with his hands raised. Prosecutors are alleging that Shelby used an unreasonable amount of force to prompt compliance from Crutcher, whom she and other officers encountered near his reportedly stalled vehicle in the middle of a two-lane Tulsa road on September 16.

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Facebook's tougher enforcement on ads is part of the company's policy of preventing advertisers from sharing low-quality web page experiences to users. Researchers used artificial intelligence to scan new links shared on Facebook that matched the earlier criteria it used, including the ratio of content to ads and whether the website contained adult or shocking content as per Facebook's guidelines and standards.

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It had to cancel routine appointments and ambulances were being diverted to neighboring hospitals, Barts said . Spain's computer response team CCN-CERT has also warned of a "massive attack" from the ransomware strain, amid reports that local telecommunications firm Telefonica was hit.

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Neither the government nor Boko Haram , which has links to the Islamic State group, gave details about the exchange. Also its vehicles were used to transport the freed girls to Nigerian officials at Baki, in Borno state. U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres welcomed the latest release and urged the global community to support Nigeria's government to work toward getting all Boko Haram victims home.

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Muralidhar and Chander Shekhar said. The court also said that the company has not moved the assessing officer and raised its grievances, so it should first approach the IT department and submit its documents. On 12 February 2016, the Supreme Court granted exemption to all the five accused in the case from personal appearances while refusing to quash proceedings against them.

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He wrapped up his concert with reiterating that he loved the fans and that he will come back to India. A little later he followed up with, "The sun shines differently here, thank you so much for having me", says Bieber . He was supported by backup dancers throughout his performance. In the run up to the headlining act, DJ Sartek and DJ Zaeden set the ball rolling, paving the stage for Norwegian DJ Alan Walker, who has a huge fan following of his own.

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She's also been working with our clinical psychologist and recently helped a needle phobic patient have her first injection. Just one-in-ten nurses (10%) feels administrators at their hospital are very responsive to input from RNs about patient assignment levels.

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The draft manifesto has been dismissed by a Labour spokesman as just "a draft of policy ideas". His remarks are an implicit attack on May for her decision to have a close relationship with the new U.S. Former prime minister David Cameron emerged from his shed to weigh into the fox-hunting debate saying he thought the ban was "a mistake". Up to 100 MPs are reportedly planning to break away from Labour and form their own group.