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All members of the East Texas delegation, Reps. Flynn called it protection "from anyone trying to take advantage of the political correctness nonsense that is increasingly pushed upon the majority of Texans who share traditional values". And just to make a point about male lawmakers regulating women's health care, Rep. Jessica Farrar, a Democrat, proposed a bill to fine a man $100 every time he masturbates.

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A major outbreak of food-borne botulism stemmed from a church potluck in OH in 2015, when at least 29 people fell ill. Officials could not confirm Monday how the cheese was being stored and whether the outbreak could affect other gas stations.

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Interior minister Nisar had ordered the Cyber Crime Wing of the FIA to take action against those maligning army but sources said that the action was taken by the counter- terrorism wing of the FIA. Salar Kakar, a PTI social media activist, was detained from Quetta and shifted to Islamabad for investigation before being released a day later. He clarified that PTI activists were not part of the campaign being run on social media against Pak Army.

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Multiple reports on Monday indicate that the Department of Homeland Security will extend Temporary Protected Status for Haitian nationals for six months. This six-month extension keeps tens of thousands of Haitians uncertain of their future. If we're deporting people who aren't covered by TPS to a country, what justification can there be to let others stay? Haiti's government had urged the United States to extend TPS "for at least another year", its ambassador to the United States, ...

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The Turkish foreign ministry's statement closes by saying, "the lapses of security experienced during our President's stay in Washington, which were caused by the inability of USA authorities to take sufficient precautions at every stage of the official program, will not overshadow what in every other aspect was a very successful and important visit".

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Flynn's own defensive crouch revealed the high legal stakes he faces as investigations intensify: a US counterintelligence probe of Russian Federation, a federal investigation in Virginia and multiple congressional inquiries. US intelligence agencies say RT was instrumental in the Russian plot to disrupt the presidential election. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer). U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz waves after addressing the Utah GOP Convention Saturday, May 20, 2017, in Sandy, Utah.

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The result will bring relief to the 220070 candidates who had registered for the examination. A total of 220,070 candidates had registered for TS EAMCET 2017, out of which, 141,054 candidates filled their forms for Engineering and 79,013 for Agriculture and Pharma courses.

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Bleeding profusely, he was rushed to the MCH with deep wounds on his stomach, face, and hands. He he was subjected for an emergency operation but his life could not be saved. The tragic incident occurred in the same locality where a 65-year-old woman was mauled to death by stray dogs last year. Based on the assurance given by collector, Josekiln's relatives said they are withdrawing the protest and his body would be laid to rest on Tuesday morning.

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Amgen Inc and UCB SA on Sunday said their experimental osteoporosis drug, which is awaiting a US approval decision, met the primary and key secondary goals of a late stage study but a higher rate of serious heart problems were reported that had not been seen in earlier studies.

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The Washington Post wrote on Monday that the budget will include $800 billion in Medicaid cuts over the next 10 years, which the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has estimated would slash benefits for 10 million low-income people. Such cuts — which include "zeroing out" programs like community development block grants and heating aid to the poor — were ignored when Congress earlier this month wrapped up a massive spending bill for the current year.

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Wisconsin regained the lead two innings later with three runs in the fifth frame. Elish delivered the key hit in the first, driving in a pair with an infield single, then proceeded to completely stymie a Badgers lineup that produced a 5-2 lead against OR on Saturday before losing 6-5 in eight innings.

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Illinois-based Perkins Ltd has invested 0.46% in Southwestern Energy Company (NYSE:SWN). Jefferies Group analyst Z. Parham now forecasts that the energy company will post earnings of $0.17 per share for the quarter, up from their prior forecast of $0.15.

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On Thursday, the Greek parliament approved new creditor-demanded measures that will impose further income losses on austerity-weary Greeks. German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said he hoped for a political agreement on Monday that would allow euro zone governments to pay out the next tranche of loans to Greece.

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This year's award ceremony also saw a solo debut performance by Camila Cabello, member of the music group Fifth Harmony, belting out her single Crying in the Club, from her upcoming album. "I think luck has so much to do with my success". Rock fans were stunned to learn about the death of rocker Chris Cornell, who was found dead Thursday in his hotel room in Detroit.

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Mangala Samaraweera, left, who has been foreign minister since January 2015 takes an oath as he is sworn in as minister of finance in front of Sri Lanka's President Maithripala Sirisena in Colombo on Monday. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe notified a few of the proposed changes to the UNP parliamentary group at a meeting conducted late last night at Temple Trees.

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This number is calculated by looking at the sum of the dividend yield plus percentage of sales repurchased and net debt repaid yield. (NasdaqGS: PBYI ), we can see that the 12 month volatility is presently 85.743600. The company was maintained on Friday, January 15 by UBS. A P/B ratio of less than 1.0 can indicate that a stock is undervalued, while a ratio of greater than 1.0 may indicate that a stock is overvalued.

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The Trump administration is exploring whether it can use an obscure ethics rule to undermine the special counsel investigation into ties between President Donald Trump's campaign team and Russian Federation, two people familiar with White House thinking said on Friday.

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According to Kotaku , sales of WoW Tokens , priced at $20 Dollars each, have hit a record price on the in-game market. It seems lately many games will drop for consoles first before they come to the PC. According to Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, "Overwatch" ultimately contributed over 80% of the company's digital revenue in 2016. Bungie CEO, Pete Parsons, said, "This is a defining moment for our studio, and we couldn't have done it without the continued support of our partners in ...

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After taking no action for weeks altogether, the police later arrested five members of the Bhim Army and booked Chandrashekhar for instigating violence among different communities. "The administration in Saharanpur allows the Rajputs to hold march on Maharana Pratap Jayanti but Dalits are not allowed to celebrate Ambdekar Jayanti".

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To put an end to the issue, the university has put an end to multiple registrations this year. "Once a roll number of Class XII Board is fed into the system, the candidate will not be able to register for the second time using the same". The CBSE had written to DU to give appropriate weightage to its students for this admission season, but the university said it can not differentiate between students from different boards.

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The study analysed the amount of time the participants spent asleep at night as compared to their waking hours--a measure also known as sleep efficiency. A man sleeps at a park, resting his head on a bag of apples, in Shanghai, China on March 21, 2017. The study, involving 1,863 people, suggests the impact of air pollution on the respiratory and central nervous system ultimately has an effect on how well people sleep.

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FILERussian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov denied talking about the firing of former FBI Director James Comey with President Donald Trump during his White House visit earlier this month. The Intelligence Committee subpoenaed Flynn for the documents on May 10. Comey had publicly confirmed the existence of the investigation in March.

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In what's been dubbed the celebrity wedding of the year Pippa married James Matthews in England. However commentators speculated that the actress deliberately stayed away from the church service for fear of upstaging the bride by her presence amid reports that she was to make her first formal appearance with Prince Harry .

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As per PTI, the recording of Jaitley's statement could not take place as the Minister objected to the use of the word "crook" against him by the noted lawyer representing the Chief Minister, according to PTI. Jaitley's senior advocates, Rajiv Nayar and Sandeep Sethi, had raised the issue in the top court, seeking a clarification from Kejriwal whether the remarks made against Jaitley were made on his instructions or Jethmalani used the words on his own.

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For this early stage research, the team plans to explore how the virus targets stem cells and provide the starting point to develop new treatments that seek out the tumour and spare the surrounding healthy brain tissue. "It's also possible that what the researchers discover could be applied more broadly to stem cells-cells that are treatment-resistant and can cause the disease to return-in other types of cancer.

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One of the most common questions parents ask pediatricians is how much 100% fruit juice they should give their children. According to the authors, fruit juice can be a healthy part of the diet among children aged 1 year and older when it is included as part of a well-balanced diet.

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If the film's songs and rather interesting dialogue promos are not enough, we recently saw both posing for Filmfare and the two sure know how to set a mag cover on fire. However Main Tera Boyfriend looks like cheery party number that will show more sizzling chemistry going by the above look. Titled Main Tera Boyfriend , the song will be out in some hours.

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A retired Ducks running back and former local high school star appears to be making a comeback on the gridiron. After taking a medical retirement 15 months ago, Thomas Tyner is returning to football-only this time, it won't be in an OR uniform.

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AHCA is to save Americans from the collapsing law of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that has crippled our families since its enactment. "Until recently, states and their residents could rely on the executive branch to respond to this attack".

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Members of the Higher Follow-up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel have affirmed their support for the strikes, initially called for by the Palestinian national committee set up to support a mass hunger strike in Israeli prisons that entered its 34th day on Saturday.

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The bill passed with 91 in favor of the legislation and 50 against it. Supporters described limiting the scope to schools as "middle ground" and hinted that it could soften the kinds of costly boycotts that hit North Carolina after it approved its bathroom bill a year ago.

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This is "in particular in the face of malign Iranian influence and Iranian-related threats which exist on Saudi Arabia's borders on all sides", Tillerson told reporters in Riyadh. Zarif's comments came hours after Trump, who is visiting Saudi Arabia, urged Arab and Islamic leaders to unite and defeat Islamist extremists. President Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia is expected to focus on how much he likes selling them weapons, and how much he doesn't like Iran, and how great he thinks it'll be ...

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But while James downplayed the snub, his teammates were quick to offer explanations for why one of the all-time National Basketball Association greats, after one of his greatest seasons (career highs in rebounds, assists and 3-point percentage) is not an MVP finalist.

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British Prime Minister said it would be for police to decide if Assange should be arrested if he leaves the embassy. "The inevitable inquiry into what has occurred in this moment of awful injustice is something that I hope will be more than just about me and this situation, because the reality is, detention and extradition without charge has become a feature of the European Union", Assange told reporters.

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Al Green of Texas. "We don't have to think impeachment is out of our reach". The U.S. Constitution states that the president, as well as the "Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States" can be removed from office, after being both impeached and convicted, for "Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors".