by | June 08, 2017 | 01:03

According to tech industry observer Jack March , Apple might no longer release new MacBook Air devices because it no longer serves its goal. The updated iMac features faster Kaby Lake processors up to 4.2 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 4.5 GHz and supports up to twice the memory as the previous generation.

by | June 08, 2017 | 01:02

The move means that people can now transfer money to one another using Apple Pay. Apple has made the privacy of users a big deal encrypting all your communication. And speaking of driving, Apple is also adding a "do not disturb" feature for when you're in your vehicle, keeping you focused on the road. The iPhone with iOS 11 can now detect when you may be driving and automatically silence notifications to keep the screen dark.

by | June 08, 2017 | 01:17

This is because, as expected , iOS 11 removes support for 32-bit devices and apps, a move which could see nearly 200,000 apps go the way of borkage when the update arrives. Another possibility here is that Apple may just be planning on expanding the features of the iPhone's NFC in order to work on its other first-party apps and services other than just Apple Pay, as pointed out by The Verge .

by | June 08, 2017 | 00:12

Apple's WWDC 2017 kicked off yesterday where it introduced new hardware including new upgraded iMacs, MacBooks, a powerful iMac Pro , and the rumored Siri smart speaker now known as the HomePod . In the US, Apple Pay is the best contact less, and is supported by 50% of the retailers. The Music app also gets updated that automatically syncs your New Music Mix, Favorites Mix and most listened to music.

by | June 08, 2017 | 01:03

Apple released a refreshed line of iMacs on Monday, marking the first update since October 2015. Although it shares the same basic design as its "non-Pro" counterparts, it features an improved dual fan cooling system that Apple claims is able to accommodate much higher end hardware than has previously been available in an iMac .

by | June 08, 2017 | 01:18

Those with newer devices can expect a host of new features on the updated iOS . All in all, it was a big day for Apple, with more big news expected tomorrow, on Day 2 of the worldwide developers conference . iOS 11 also improves the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro . This directly means that these devices will be stuck on iOS 10, the current version of the operating system and will stop receiving important security and performance updates from Apple, leaving them potentially vulnerable to ...

by | June 08, 2017 | 01:09

With iOS 11 , you can kick your Venmo habit and iMessage your friends money with Apple Pay , have Siri translate for you as you sightsee in Rome, and multitask so much on your iPad Pro that you'll never pick up your laptop again.

by | June 08, 2017 | 01:40

The display of Apple's latest tablet is 20 percent larger than its predecessor. " Apple has been warning of this migration to its 64-bit hardware for a number of years, but this news will still undoubtedly blindside a number of its customers, " Ernest Doku, a telecoms expert at told the BBC.

by | June 08, 2017 | 00:12

In 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim , a tragedy has occurred in the world and people are left to deal with it. Odin Sphere and Dragon's Crown director George Kamitani once again takes the helm in this science fiction departure from VanillaWare's usual.

by | June 08, 2017 | 00:33

HomePod features "real-time acoustic modeling", which allows it to tweak music to suit its environment. The HomePod , to be launched later this year, has six microphones built into it and is powered by Apple's smart assistant Siri . It will also be paying more attention to what you do on your iPhone. Today, Apple leads the world in innovation with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

by | June 08, 2017 | 01:20

Apple's speaker will be launching in the U.S., U.K., and Australia in December, with additional markets to come next year. At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, Apple discussed many other features coming to iOS 11 on the iPhone and iPad this fall, including a revamped control center that provides quicker access to media controls, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other shortcuts, as well as much faster app-switching capabilities.

by | June 08, 2017 | 00:24

But the keynote didn't give all the details on the iOS 11 features, and here's a quick look at the some of the details that are now starting to come out. Up until now, Apple had deliberately opted to ignore offering playback support for FLAC files in both iTunes and iOS - though there are numerous third-party apps to do the trick.

by | June 08, 2017 | 00:01

Apple is billing this as the true power-users iMac - indeed, it's the fastest Mac ever , take that disillusioned Mac Pro owners forced to be patient - and the GPU lives up to that. Diving into the hardware specs, the MacBook now maxes out at up to a 1.3 GHz Core i7 processor, the 13-inch MacBook Pro has up to a 3.5 GHz Core i7, and the 15-inch MacBook Pro goes up to a 3.1 GHz Core i7 processor.

by | June 08, 2017 | 01:05

The photos app in iOS 11 can produce collages of pictures. More interestingly, Siri now has the ability to automatically translate to French, Chinese, Spanish and German. "When you are driving, you don't need to be responding to these kind of messages ". Apart from this, a big change that Apple brought was the redesigned App Store in the iOS 11 .

by | June 08, 2017 | 00:44

The iMac Pro is also not short on ports, with it sent to feature four Thunderbolt 3.0 ports and a 10GB Ethernet port, all to aid rapid data transfer and connectivity. At WWDC June 5 Apple introduced an update to its iMac line of all-in-one desktops. The new Apple iMac Pro will start at a price of $4,999 in the USA and will be available in December.

by | June 08, 2017 | 00:38

A press release from Square Enix indicates that Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will come to North America in early 2018 on PS4. The game, developed by Koei Tecmo's Team Ninja, pits legendary characters from the Final Fantasy series in 3v3 team battles.

by | June 08, 2017 | 00:33

The HomePod is expected to be available in the US, UK and Australia by December before opening up to other markets later. Apple has finally announced its competitor to the Amazon Echo . Apple's Siri assistant will be integrated into the $349 speaker, and can make music recommendations that pair with the company's Apple Music service, send text messages , check news and sports scores and control compatible home gadgets like lightbulbs and thermostats.

by | June 07, 2017 | 23:55

HomePod costs $349 to start and will be available later this year . Apple has finally joined the smart speaker fray, following the tack of fellow tech giants Amazon and Google . And now with HomePod , Apple has a true voice assistant to bring into the home. In comparison, the Sonos Play:3 appeared uncharacteristically flat, while the Amazon Echo felt nearly pedestrian.

by | June 08, 2017 | 00:55

HomePod wants to be the best of both worlds, without being that much more expensive than some of its key competitors: The Apple-made speaker will cost consumers $349, and ship in December in the U.S., U.K., and Australia. It's part of Apple's effort to entice professionals with tablets that can handle many tasks previously reserved for laptops. Apple said that makes the Mac a great platform for developing virtual-reality "experiences", although the company didn't announce any consumer VR ...

by | June 07, 2017 | 23:46

So beyond turning off your cell phone or leaving it at home, Apple has a new solution aimed at keeping drivers' eyes off the screen and on the road. Pointed out on Twitter by user @Turqmelon , the new iOS 11 volume HUD is now neatly tucked in the top-right corner of the screen. Mind you, this isn't the only lossless file format to operate using Apple's services.

by | June 07, 2017 | 23:31

Plus, Thunderbolt 3 has replaced Thunderbolt 2. Graphics on iMac are more powerful across the line with the new Radeon Pro 500-series graphics with up to 8GB of vRAM. The latest iMac highlights Kaby Lake processors up to 4.2GHz along with the Turbo Increase to 4.5GH. "Today iMac gets a massive graphics production increase, faster CPU production, Thunderbolt 3 and a brighter Retina display along with support for 1 billion colors", said Ternus.

by | June 08, 2017 | 00:46

The feature is called " Do Not Disturb While Driving ", and it will be part of Apple's iOS 11 , which is a new version of the operating software for Apple mobile devices. Furthermore, Files will also support drag and drop , which could come in handy for quickly copying e-mail attachments into a specific folder. You can now see a list of which apps need attention, split into lists of those with updates available and those without, so now it's time to fix them.

by | June 07, 2017 | 23:27

The device will ship with the latest macOS High Sierra operating system and a 27-inch 5k Retina display . What will it cost? Fast Storage and Advanced I/O iMac Pro also supports up to 4TB of SSD and up to 128GB of ECC memory, and with four Thunderbolt 3 ports can connect to up to two high-performance RAID arrays and two 5K displays at the same time.

by | June 08, 2017 | 00:13

The biggest announcement of the evening was HomePod, a Siri-Power speakers created to rival Amazon's Echo and Google's Home. F YOU'RE one of the remaining people still rocking an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c, Apple has confirmed some bad news for you.

by | June 08, 2017 | 00:08

Alliancebernstein L.P.'s holdings in Activision Blizzard were worth $53,464,000 at the end of the most recent reporting period. Aviance Capital Partners LLC purchased a new stake in Activision Blizzard during the third quarter valued at approximately $798,000.

by | June 08, 2017 | 00:22

However it recent years, there has been quite a bit of focus on entire platforms such as iOS and Android introducing such themes/options, but for the most part they have never really materialized beyond being spotted in betas . However could iOS 11 be inching towards a dark mode? Also, the Lock Screen and Notification Center have been simplified by combining them, again in a single page.

by | June 08, 2017 | 00:20

WatchOS 4 will bring a new Siri watch face to the device, along with Toy Story faces as well . There's also a Do Not Disturb While Driving mode that activates when the device thinks you're behind the wheel. It also has a "Musicologist" feature for streaming Apple Music through commands barked at Siri , as well as being able to answer queries about the song playing, such as 'who is the guitarist?' and so on.

by | June 07, 2017 | 23:06

The new iPad Pro has some high refresh rate goodness tucked up its sleeve with Apple's new ProMotion technology ramping up the refresh rate on the 10.5- and 12.9-inch panels to 120Hz. The company also offered a sneak peek at the iMac Pro which is marketed as new "workstation-class product line designed for pro users with the most demanding workflows".

by | June 08, 2017 | 00:00

In addition to its updated look, the iMac Pro offers expanded port options compared to the 2015 iMac. All new iMacs also get a pair of new USB-C ports, but Apple is not repeating its MacBook Pro mistake - legacy ports including USB 3.0 remain, so dongles are not needed to use existing peripherals.

by | June 08, 2017 | 00:03

At its annual developer conference in San Jose, California on Monday, Apple unveiled "Home-Pod". Although there is a good reason to believe that this new device is not going to set the world ablaze, but Apple however, has made an astute move by distancing itself from the Google Home and Amazon Echo hardware that is briskly dropping in price with each new iteration.

by | June 07, 2017 | 22:38

Internet services have been suspended in parts of the state like Indore , Ujjain and Dewas, all in the western part of the state. Besides, Chouhan agreed to other demands of the farmers , particularly satisfactory prices for their produce.

by | June 07, 2017 | 22:43

Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, announced the feature at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose , Calif., on Monday. This means less storage space used in cloud as well as device. Among those commenting today, Andy Hargreaves of Pacific Crest , who just cut his rating on Apple stock yesterday , writes that the presentation "did not change our views".

by | June 07, 2017 | 22:49

New iMacs will be upgradeable to 64GB of RAM on 27-inch configurations and 32GB RAM on the 21.5-inch models. The new iMac lineup will available with macOS High Sierra coming this fall. "We're thrilled to give developers and customers a sneak peek at iMac Pro ". With an all-flash architecture and all-new thermal design, the iMac Pro delivers up to 80% more cooling capacity in the same thin and seamless iMac design.

by | June 07, 2017 | 23:09

During its developers conference, Apple highlighted the difference between the HomePod and the Echo, saying that while the Echo was "smart" compared to wireless speakers such Sonos' offerings, its sound quality left much to be desired. Cook has always been bullish about the prospects for augmented reality, and Apple is working on smart glasses, people familiar with the plans have said.

by | June 07, 2017 | 22:41

However, it is worth pointing out that iOS 9 had a similar feature back in 2015 - although that was only for temporarily deleting apps while upgrading to a new operating system. Do Not Disturb while driving: The new iOS 11 gives your phone the ability to know when you may be driving and automatically disable notifications, leaving only a black screen.