by | June 13, 2017 | 05:17

Uber hired Perkins Coie to look into claims of harassment, discrimination, bullying and other employee concerns. Newcomer is also reporting that the findings and firings are the results of a different investigation than the Holder one, meaning Uber has been running at least two of these things concurrently...

by | June 13, 2017 | 04:35

U.S. Masters champion Sergio Garcia could be tough to beat, while Spieth seems to be back in form after missing the cut at the Players Championship. Ball placement will be pivotal too, especially since the Wisconsin winds in June could be strong. In addition to the scoring opportunities on the Par 5's, many players and experts have been raving about the pureness of the greens in the weeks prior to the start of the tournament.

by | June 13, 2017 | 05:05

You can check out a trailer showcasing the upcoming content that you'll be able to play in the lead up to Christmas, 2017. (It may not be Lycra.) It's out in December, presumably on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It takes players to South Korea and Japan, two new environments. In the expansion, players will use skis and snowboards as they race and try to impress judges with tricks.

by | June 13, 2017 | 04:11

Microsoft says the Xbox One X will be the smallest console in the Xbox range so far. Presumably, as original Xbox games become available for Xbox One , you'll be able to download them from within the Xbox One console's store.

by | June 13, 2017 | 04:36

You just have to learn from it. "It's a new year, and we control our own destiny, so we just have to think about tomorrow and not think about anything else". "The past is the past". "It's definitely fuelled us all year, just trying to keep that hunger to get back to the stage". Draymond Green was suspended for Game 5, Steph Curry wasn't healthy throughout the playoffs, and the team was mentally and physically tired after chasing the regular-season record.

by | June 13, 2017 | 03:57

The new Siri speaker is said to work with Apple's HomeKit service , created to make smart homes a reality. "There are many moments where a voice assistant is really beneficial, but that doesn't mean you'd never want a screen", he moaned.

by | June 13, 2017 | 03:56

Klei Entertainment made a name for itself by rendering unique gameplay concepts with absolutely stunning animation - ranging from Don't Starve's survival to Mark of the Ninja's tense stealth-action . Griftlands is set to launch in early 2018. The trailer was only a teaser but it suggested a odd world filled with alien creatures, all of whom you are trying to double-deal with each other.

by | June 13, 2017 | 03:50

Each part attached to the starship appears instantly in-game and players can experiment with different pilot abilities, weapon types and status effects and unleash devastating combos upon their enemies. The Atlas system is rather large and will give players plenty of planets to explore, each with its own ecosystem and wildlife. The trailer is peppered with story bits, but mostly shows off the various environments we'll be able to fight in.

by | June 13, 2017 | 02:23

Qatar's port authority published a video on Monday showing a container ship loaded down with cargo arriving at Doha's Hamad Port from Oman's port of Sohar to a water-cannon welcome. "And that does not exclude any of our neighbours", Zarif said in response to a reporter who asked if Iran plans to send more food and other help to Qatar amid the ongoing blockade.

by | June 13, 2017 | 02:23

The modifications to the App Store was first noticed by 9to5Mac. Apple introduced the rating prompt a few months ago, but it's been optional up until now. You just need to head into Settings iTunes & App Store In-App Ratings & Reviews and slide the switch off. Users are also given control as to whether or not they even want to see review prompts at all.

by | June 13, 2017 | 03:22

The result spoiled Queensland captain Cameron Smith's record 40th Origin appearance and puts the Blues within touching distance of claiming just their second series win in 12 years and their first since 2014. NSW's five-tries-to-one romp was their biggest Origin win at Suncorp Stadium. "We've got to try and limit those opportunities we give Queensland by making sure that we're disciplined".

by | June 13, 2017 | 02:05

Microsoft Xbox Scorpio has officially arrived, and it's called the Xbox One X . The XB1X. The Xbox One X comes with eight CPU cores similar to its two predecessors but unlike the Xbox One and Xbox One S , the new console has improved or updated every other vital specification.

by | June 13, 2017 | 01:42

The one advantage is that they also really don't like the aliens, so you're not the only ones who'll have to deal with them. Lastly, there are the Lost, the human inhabitants of cities that the aliens began their attack on, during the invasion twenty years ago.

by | June 13, 2017 | 01:20

Meant to rival Playstation's PS4 Pro, which also has 4K capabilities, the Xbox One X boasts more RAM than the Sony console and improved graphics processing. Microsoft anticipated this, however, and what followed was a veritable smorgasbord of new titles and exclusives to show off the power of the Xbox One X.

by | June 13, 2017 | 00:35

In this action-packed trailer, Sora, Donald, and Goofy help Hercules battle various forms of Heartless on Mount Olympus through gorgeous visuals and gameplay. The said promo unveiled several interesting information including the timelines for a new preview video reveal at the D23 Expo 2017. Before the end of the trailer, Sora is shown having a dialogue with two infamous villains to the series previous games, Ansem and Xemnas, in which Sora is challenged to "call upon the darkness".

by | June 13, 2017 | 00:23

Of course, like all features that need you to make use of your fingers to draw, the emojis won't exactly be works of art. So, for instance, you can draw (or attempt to draw) a face with pointed ears and have it return cats, or the devil, as results.

by | June 13, 2017 | 00:18

In March, the company launched a new 9.7 inch iPad (5th generation) targeted squarely at casual users. The screen is bigger, as is the device. The Smart Keyboard is missing a lot of what you'd expect from an accessory focused on making you more productive.

by | June 12, 2017 | 23:16

The listing on GFXBench reveals that the upcoming Pixel XL 2 may sport a screen slightly bigger than its predecessor. Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is speculated to rock a 4K display, while Galaxy S8 has a stunning edge-to-edge screen.

by | June 12, 2017 | 22:47

No performance specs were announced at the unveiling, but AutoExpress says Porsche engineers have issued a "conservative" power output estimate of 621bhp and 553lb-ft of torque. And the announcement that it's featuring in Forza suggest the complete reveal of the vehicle by Porsche is just months away. There are 30 different locations in the game, too, with over 200 different configurations - confirmed are the Nurburgring and Dubai.

by | June 12, 2017 | 21:52

That was previously one of the biggest drawbacks of submitting an app review. The updated terms for Apple's App Store now classifies in-app tips under the same category as in-app purchases, legalizing tips that users wish to send to app developers.

by | June 12, 2017 | 22:27

Last week saw volatile trading: Oil rose almost 2% early on amid renewed diplomatic spats in the Middle East, then sank 5% on Wednesday as US crude inventories surprisingly grew the week before. "Physical differentials are still under pressure and the time structure is still under pressure in Brent". Rising oil-digging activities outside of OPEC, particularly the US, prompted UBS last week to cut its 2017 price forecast for WTI oil to $53 a barrel from $55.50.

by | June 12, 2017 | 21:52

Microsoft has revealed the "world's most powerful console", the Xbox One X. This one was a bit of a surprise - Microsoft teased a new game before starting up the trailer for Metro: Exodus , which looks to have expanded the series into an open world and added drastically more mutant bears than ever before.

by | June 12, 2017 | 22:13

That's the original Microsoft Xbox logo, dating back more than 15 years to 2001. On top of that Microsoft revealed full specs for the console, that all Xbox One games will be playable on it from the start, and that it would actually be the smallest Xbox console ever made, believe it or not.

by | June 12, 2017 | 21:51

The iMac Pro features a 5K display and, thanks to the added muscle under the hood, can support two additional 5K displays, something Apple says it has never offered before. The updated iMac features Intel's seventh-generation Kaby Lake processors as well as "the best Mac display ever", The Verge reported. The iMac is fine and dandy, but still, we were certainly getting bored of seeing the same thing as always within Apple's laptop and PC line.

by | June 12, 2017 | 22:33

However, it's clear that the app uses the character in an attempt to take advantage of its notoriety - and as of 2017, that notoriety hinges on the fact that it has become a talisman for the alt-right. What about you? How many apps do you have on your phone, and how many of those do you know you don't use on a regular basis? Apple has ditched the 128GB storage capacity from the iPad Pro line up, with the model starting at 64GB working all the way up to 500GB.

by | June 12, 2017 | 21:54

The sessions are satisfyingly technical, the conversations wide-ranging and the details are tailored for its nerdy (I say as a compliment) audience. The iOS 11 update which is now available as a Developer Beta Preview will be available for all this fall probably around the same time that Apple announces its next iPhone .

by | June 12, 2017 | 21:11

The console was revealed at this year's E3 conference - one of the world's biggest gaming and technology shows. The new Xbox One X looks similar in design to the XBox One S but smaller . Forza Motorsport 7 will launch October 3, 2017. Hot Switch sales also boosted shares of the Japanese company, which ran into a tough patch after it failed to build on the popularity of the first generation of Wii consoles.

by | June 12, 2017 | 20:54

Reasons for scrubbing the launch have varied, from strong upper-level winds and clouds to boats in the potential landing area. "The area of high pressure responsible for the heat wave in the eastern US will also promote clear skies through next week, which will bode well for the NASA launch", AccuWeather Meteorologist Faith Eherts said.

by | June 12, 2017 | 20:51

The Verge says that the new iPad Pro is "overkill", and the blog also mirrors other reviews in stating that the new iPad Pro needs iOS 11 in order to really shine. You will pay $1,629 for the iPad Pro 10.5 inch with 512GB on board storage and 4G connectivity. And it definitely looks great. IT experts see the upcoming iOS 11 features as a big boost for iPad productivity in the enterprise.

by | June 12, 2017 | 20:40

The new iMac lineup will have two USB Type-C connectors with Thunderbolt. The iMac Pro brings the workstation-class performance of the cylindrical Mac Pro to the 27-inch iMac form-factor, complete with a 5K display . You shouldn't be shocked, though: while the Air clearly has a place in Apple's line-up, it's not necessarily with the new MacBooks, just rather near them.

by | June 12, 2017 | 21:01

It's also worth pointing out that the Porsche 991 GT2 RS headlines a rather significant vehicle roster in Forza Motorsport 7 . Forza Motorsport 7 was built for Project Scorpio ( Xbox One X ) to be an immersive true 4K and 60fps experience.

by | June 12, 2017 | 20:10

As the weeks before an autumn summit meeting in Beijing between the presidents of the United States and China ticked down, John Kerry, then the US secretary of state, tried to seal a deal on climate change. I say it's about time someone stood up to Trump. Announcing the USA withdrawal from the Paris deal on June 1, Trump claimed that India had made its participation in the agreement "contingent on receiving billions and billions and billions dollars in foreign aid".

by | June 12, 2017 | 19:15

The 27-inch Retina display is not only 5K, but can also support 1 billion colours when switched on, making it flawless for video and image production. The discrete graphics will also be updated; the 2017 MacBook will have a 2GB Radeon Pro 555 or a 4GB Radeon Pro 560 replacing the 2GB Radeon Pro 450/455 or 4GB Radeon Pro 460 on its predecessor .

by | June 12, 2017 | 19:34

Fans who pre-order an Xbox One X will receive the following. It's part of the " Xbox One family" and is architecturally identical to the Xbox One and Xbox One S. But that's kind of the point of the Xbox One X . It's a console that's created to make full use of the most high-tech home theatre setups, to really push them to their limits and make use of all of their bells and whistles.

by | June 12, 2017 | 19:41

Certainly that wasn't the case early in her second round. Sharp connected and followed it up with three birdies over her next four holes. If she managed to pull out a victory, it would give her Category 7 status on the LPGA Tour and a likely spot in the Walmart NW Arkansas Championship later this month.