by | June 02, 2017 | 01:18

Central Vermont Medical Center in Berlin is part of the UVM network. Delaney will receive $30 million. The original fraud complaint listed several smaller Vermont practices as customers of eClinicalWorks. The program was created to get more doctors using electronic medical records, and does so by offering payments to doctors who use qualifying software.

by | June 02, 2017 | 01:51

This is not the first time McCain has been vocal about the Trump administration's relationship with Russian Federation. Trump hasn't addressed the reports about Kushner . McMaster in a news conference in Sicily. "Any way that you can communicate with people, particularly organisations that are maybe not particularly friendly to us, is a good thing ".

by | June 02, 2017 | 00:52

One computer simulation - one that many other scientists say is too much of a worst-case scenario - calculates that if the USA increases carbon dioxide emissions and the rest of the world hits its targets, America's added carbon pollution will be responsible for about half a degree of warming (0.3 degrees Celsius).

by | June 02, 2017 | 00:20

Islamic groups have raised almost half-a-million dollars for the families of the men killed in Portland , Oregon while trying to defend Muslim women from a racist attack . Since Trump's election, Portland has led all major metropolitan areas in reported hate crimes, Mayor Ted Wheeler's office said. Christian was arraigned Tuesday on aggravated murder and other charges.

by | June 02, 2017 | 00:07

Officials told Axios that Dubke is parting on good terms and his last day has not been set. Dubke has resigned as President Donald Trump considers a major staff overhaul amid intensifying inquiries into his campaign's dealings with Russian Federation.

by | June 02, 2017 | 01:06

Asked about Comey's evidence and whether the president had engaged in obstruction of justice, his press secretary Sean Spicer replied: "We are focused on the president's agenda and going forward all questions on these matters will be referred to outside counsel Marc Kasowitz ".

by | June 02, 2017 | 00:13

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau , according to officials, has taken advantage of the offer so far. A French official told the Associated Press that Trump also exchanged numbers with President Emmanuel Macron during a phone call following Macron's election earlier this month, but would not comment on whether the French president meant to use the line.

by | June 01, 2017 | 23:34

Jeremy Joseph Christian , 35, was booked on charges of 2 counts of aggravated murder , attempted murder, 2 counts of intimidation in the second degree and felon in possession of a restricted weapon. As a shoving match ensued, the documents say Christian stabbed first Fletcher, then Namkai-Meche. "It's not surprising that he would stand up to hate in such a way".

by | June 02, 2017 | 01:16

We live in a country where the people who most feel like free speech is "under attack " are willing to violently attack people, while the people who actually use their words are attacked for them. "Our prayers are w/ them", he said on Twitter . "I don't have that feeling like it can't happen here - the way people talk about Portland - because we've got racism".

by | June 01, 2017 | 23:37

But just hours earlier, Mr. Trump posted a link on Twitter to a report on the "Fox & Friends" website based on an unnamed source seemingly meant to defend Jared Kushner , his son-in-law and senior adviser. Those back channels allow two sides to negotiate without public posturing and internal opposition, decreasing the risks if talks fall through. But privately, aides described a White House where no one's position, not even Mr.

by | June 01, 2017 | 23:17

Dubke said in a statement it had been an honor to serve Trump and "my distinct pleasure to work side by side, day by day with the staff of the communications and press departments". Trump has entertained bringing his former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, and former deputy campaign manager, David Bossie, more formally back into the fold.

by | June 02, 2017 | 00:33

Trump on Wednesday declared that abandoning the Paris climate agreement would be a victory for the American economy. Those rollbacks are still far from assured, however, and environmentalists plan to challenge them in court. Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and top adviser, has come to the view that the standards set out in the agreement did not work for the U.S. economy and the question was whether to try to change those standards within the agreement or pull out, another senior ...

by | June 02, 2017 | 00:47

It wasn't immediately clear what exactly Comey plans to tell the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, though lawmakers are certainly likely to ask Comey about his interactions with President Trump as the bureau pursued its investigation into his campaign's contacts.

by | June 02, 2017 | 00:49

The May 26 Portland train stabbing was reportedly sparked after the alleged attacker began yelling hate speech and anti-Muslim slurs at two young women. Later that week a "March Against Sharia" is scheduled in Portland as one of some two dozen demonstrations planned across the country. The organization calls itself "the NRA of national security", while the Southern Poverty Law Center calls it "the largest grassroots anti-Muslim group in America".

by | June 02, 2017 | 00:23

Merriam-Webster has never left us hanging before, and while it did not follow Oxford Dictionaries' example by adopting "covfefe" as its word of the day , this probably won't be the last time we see this word make its rounds on Twitter . He didn't think it was cause for people to be concerned about the President's rogue tweets, offering up this 77-character answer: "I think the President and a small group of people know exactly what he meant".

by | June 01, 2017 | 23:11

I wouldn't be surprised if the forlorn-looking Franco in the leather jacket at the end is different than the Franco who decks somebody with a pool cue. Are you going to be watching? The show, which also deals with the rise of HIV and the drug epidemic, backs up Franco's dual performance with an interesting cast of characters, including Maggie Gyllenhaal's Eileen "Candy" Merrell, a sex worker who is pulled into the porn industry.

by | June 02, 2017 | 00:31

A press conference is set to happen shortly regarding new information on the death of 13-year old girl Jayden Glomb, whose body was found in the desert three weeks ago. Glomb's body was discovered between Cienega High and Empire High on Thursday, May 11, about 13 hours after she was reported missing from her home. Police spokesman Sgt.

by | June 01, 2017 | 23:54

And Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tennessee, delivered a similar reminder Sunday, telling NBC News' Chuck Todd that it "sounds like he's more than glad to talk about all of these things". Jared Kushner reportedly has been encouraged to take a leave of absence from his White House adviser position because of Federal Bureau of Investigation scrutiny of his contacts with Russian Federation.

by | June 01, 2017 | 23:59

Last year, the bee made the championship rounds longer and the words tougher, but it still ended with two spellers sharing the title. "I also love to spell because it's a great way to travel, a great way to meet people, and it's just very enriching".

by | June 01, 2017 | 22:37

Trump , who disdains working through official channels, also exchanged numbers with French President Emmanuel Macron when the two spoke after France's election earlier this month, according to a French official, who would not comment on whether Macron meant to use the line.

by | June 01, 2017 | 22:23

She wrote, "People in the covfefe houses shouldn't throw covfefe". "Yes, I think it's pretty hard not to", Clinton said . The former secretary of state said she was a victim of an unprecedented campaign of fake news and social engineering on Facebook , which was orchestrated by Russian agents and an army of bots.

by | June 01, 2017 | 22:06

Jeremy Christian, who is accused of killing two people and injuring a third on a Portland train on May 26, went on a verbal tirade during his arraignment on May 30 in the Multnomah County court in OR (video below). " I hope we rise to the memory of these two gentlemen who lost their lives ", Wheeler said. "I go to reach out, to start pulling apart, and then I see that there's just blood everywhere", Robinson told CNN affiliate KATU.

by | June 01, 2017 | 22:35

Tri-Met Heroes (via GoFundMe), launched by Portland restaurateur Nick Zukin, has amassed donations totaling more than $500,000 to support the families of Best and Namkai-Meche. On Friday , authorities say, Jeremy Christian started verbally abusing two young women, including one wearing a hijab, on a light-rail train. Police are examining Christian's background, "including the information publicly available about the suspect's extremist ideology", they said in a news release.

by | June 01, 2017 | 22:33

Trump's instruction to call him on his cellphone also demonstrates a displeasure for formal political diplomacy. "If you are speaking on an open line, then it's an open line, meaning those who have the ability to monitor those conversations are doing so", said Derek Chollet , a former Pentagon adviser and National Security Council official.

by | June 01, 2017 | 22:26

She said , "I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that's not why I lost ". But he defended his handling of both investigations, saying that not disclosing that they were re-opening the investigation just before the election would have jeopardized the FBI's independence and that the Russian Federation investigation, which began last summer, was treated "consistently under the same principles" as the Clinton email probe.

by | June 01, 2017 | 22:05

Hillary Clinton on Wednesday said hoaxes and false news stories on Facebook contributed to her loss in last year's United States presidential election, adding to a list of factors she blames for her defeat. She points the finger at Russian Federation, fake news, the sorry state of the Democratic Party, sexism, and the media that covered the email scandal "like Pearl Harbor", among others.

by | June 01, 2017 | 23:13

This comes after Trump, who promised to pull the United States out of the deal during his presidential campaign, tweeted that he would be "announcing my decision on the Paris Accord over the next few days", adding: "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!" A White House official said earlier in the day that Trump was planning to pull out of the Paris deal, although a final decision hadn't been made.

by | June 01, 2017 | 21:43

It was the worst game we played all year", lamented Evans. So it's not anything that's going to freak us out. We're ready, we're excited. By defeating Tennessee in the deciding game on Sunday, 5-3, the Aggies punched their ticket to the WCWS where the best of the best will compete for the 2017 national title.

by | June 01, 2017 | 21:55

Only three in 10 say they have a favorable view of the GOP plan. "There's no doubt in my mind that people are being very cautious, to put it mildly", this lawyer said, adding that there is growing concern in Republican circles that the caliber of hires could deteriorate if the administration's top picks drop out .

by | June 01, 2017 | 23:01

However, Trump has privately and publicly pinned much of the blame for his administration's woes on the communications effort. It's all fake news! Despite Spicer's instruction, the White House has not provided a point of contact to reporters for Kasowitz.

by | June 01, 2017 | 23:00

While the Republicans in the Senate have vowed to write their own "repeal and replace" healthcare bill, as opposed to taking up what their House colleagues sent over, Trump has made it clear he believes House version is a "great" proposal and given it his full endorsement.

by | June 01, 2017 | 21:39

FILE - In this October 20, 2016 file photo, Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipila is seen in Brussels. "A stunning abdication of American leadership and a grave threat to our planet's future". commitment to the deal. If the United States withdraws, it will join just Syria and Nicaragua as non-participants. Reports of the impending move by the American president triggered statements of support for the climate accord from scores of world leaders.

by | June 01, 2017 | 22:00

It was the second year in a row that Kael went to the bee. Ultimately, the top 40 spellers advanced to Thursday's finals. Spellers could accumulate up to 30 points through the oral and written competition. Although Andrew was eliminated in round three after misspelling the word "propagandistic", he said it has been an overall great experience. None of the West Virginia participants were called on stage as finalists, as they did not have enough points to qualify.

by | June 01, 2017 | 22:03

She may have been dead for several days. Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey said Thursday that Laura Shifrina was found late Wednesday night by her daughter suffering from what he called "sharp trauma". At a news conference outside the complex Thursday morning, Morrissey said they're looking for Shifrina's red 2011 Ford Fiesta with MA license plates 1BD 712.

by | June 01, 2017 | 22:16

But if so, why insist on using the communications through the Russian embassy or consulate? The relationship had already begun to suffer over Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey , which Kushner pushed for, and over Kushner's desire to see White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon and press secretary Sean Spicer fired, according to the newspaper.