by | June 04, 2017 | 00:42

Trump said participation in the pact would undermine the US economy, wipe out American jobs, weaken national sovereignty and put America at a disadvantage to other countries. The group expects to decide on new limits in the coming months. Konisky acknowledged certain communities, such as those where large numbers of people work in the coal industry, would likely see economic hardships in the short term under the climate accord.

by | June 03, 2017 | 23:49

Asia-Pacific trade ministers meeting in Hanoi agreed Sunday to attempt to resuscitate a massive free trade pact thrown into doubt by a Donald Trump-inspired U.S. One of the challenges for TPP minus USA is keeping Vietnam and Malaysia on board, states that signed on to the agreement largely because of the prospect of better access to the U.S.

by | June 04, 2017 | 00:33

Prosecutors say the men hushed up an allegation about Sandusky sexually abusing a boy in a football team shower in 2001 to protect the university's reputation. "Today's sentencings, which landed all three defendants behind bars, leaves no doubt that there are consequences for failing to protect children in Pennsylvania", state Attorney General Josh Shapiro said in a statement.

by | June 03, 2017 | 23:29

The administration's Supreme Court filings reflect numerous same arguments that its lawyers have made in the lower courts, including their view that statements President Donald Trump made as a candidate - before he took the presidential oath - should not be considered.

by | June 03, 2017 | 23:31

A child passenger was also brought to the Elliot but was then airlifted to Boston Children's Hospital to be treated for serious injuries. A passenger, 21-year-old Karina Feliz, of Bradford, Massachusetts, was transported to Elliott Hospital for the treatment of minor injuries.

by | June 03, 2017 | 22:57

Petersburg worldwide Economic Forum. "A stupid man who can't do anything right would blame everything on the Jews". In addition to kicking off primetime for NBC on Sunday, Kelly's deal to jump ship from Fox News also included a daytime talk show, which will premiere this fall opposite ABC's "Live With Kelly & Ryan".

by | June 03, 2017 | 21:46

Covington and other church members are accused of kidnapping and assaulting Matthew Fenner , a former church member, because he is gay. North Carolina woman admitted in court in Friday that she led approximately 30 parishioners from her church to attack and beat a gay member of the church in an effort to "expel his demons", Pink News is reporting.

by | June 03, 2017 | 22:04

The White House spokesman, during a truncated, off-camera briefing Wednesday, brushed aside a question about a report that fired FBI Director James Comey plans to testify publicly that President Donald Trump pressured him to end an investigation into a top Trump aide's ties to Russian Federation.

by | June 03, 2017 | 21:36

Kushner is reportedly being investigated for a meeting with a Russian official in which the pair allegedly sought to establish a back-channel communications apparatus to discuss military policy in Syria. On Sunday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel provided a stark review of Trump's visit to Europe and his tense meetings with leaders there, saying that Europe "really must take our fate into our own hands" and that the days of being able to rely on others is "over to a certain extent".

by | June 03, 2017 | 22:13

To honor Allman's legacy in Savannah, Fox & Weeks Funeral Directors have been working with his family to offer a tribute book at the Fox & Weeks Hodgson Chapel. Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Allman was raised in Florida by a single mother. "At many concerts the Allman Brothers Band held for me, the people who attended would donate the ticket price to the campaign and then the federal government matched the amount".

by | June 03, 2017 | 21:41

American presidents used to be praised for keeping promises. (Although the cities cannot technically join the agreement as they're not members of the United Nations , they can informally agree to its guidelines.) According to a statement from Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, who serves as the chair of C40, an global coalition of mayors focused on climate action, the cities remain united in their goals.

by | June 03, 2017 | 19:34

Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, spoke with a Russian banker while searching for ways to set up the secret line with Putin, a meeting now being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Congress. Fox News is reporting that the Russians approached Kushner about creating a secure line between the two, but only for one conversation about Syria.

by | June 03, 2017 | 20:43

Friday. AUSTIN, Texas — Texas' legislative session was winding down Sunday, with an all but dead "bathroom bill" targeting transgender people caught in a clash between mainstream Republicans and the most conservative wing of the party that dominates politics in the nation's second-largest state.

by | June 03, 2017 | 19:04

The California Medical Association, the state group representing 43,000 doctors from various specialties, has declined to endorse the bill . But the analysis by the state Senate Appropriations Committee said it may be hard for the single-payer program to establish such a payment system because of other features in the law, such as patients' ability to see any provider with no referral necessary.

by | June 03, 2017 | 19:32

German Chancellor Angela Merkel , the EU's most powerful leader, pledged "more decisive action than ever" to protect the climate after Trump's "highly regrettable" decision. We have often given an extremely false image of China in global negotiations, accusing it of being a big polluter. "It's not a future we want for our children".

by | June 03, 2017 | 19:39

The latest revelations to emerge last week involved Trump's son-in-law and top aide, Jared Kushner . In particular, media claimed that Kushner suggested establishing a secret communications channels with Moscow during a meeting with Kislyak.

by | June 03, 2017 | 19:14

Rep. Bill ] Posey or [U.S. Rep. Daniel ] Webster , people really all across the state are saying if you voted for this bill we will hold you accountable". Dems would do it, no doubt!" Richard Burr doesn't envision the Senate passing legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare this year and is skeptical about the chances of it getting done at all.

by | June 03, 2017 | 19:33

The tweet stayed on Trump's feed for a good five hours before being taken down and the internet quickly rolled out a slew of covfefe memes. One user joked that " covfefe " is already a popular name for babies in states that voted for Trump.

by | June 03, 2017 | 19:40

Following that, should the court choose to revisit the President's Muslim ban , we will be prepared to defend not only the rights of Muslim Americans and immigrants across our country, but our Constitution itself. "The courts below openly second-guessed the president's finding that those conditions and risks provided the basis for". Even if the court allows the travel ban to take effect, the bigger constitutional questions of religious discrimination and presidential powers raised by ...

by | June 03, 2017 | 19:19

A 12-year-old speller from Fresno, California, Ananya Vinay was declared champion of the 2017 Scripps National Spelling Bee , held at the Gaylord Resort and Convention Centre at National Habour Maryland, USA and presented by Kindle. After three years of ties, the Scripps National Spelling Bee has a single champion. Her mother, Anupama Poliyedath, says Ananya is already making plans to work with other children on some kind of spelling project.

by | June 03, 2017 | 18:35

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged U.S. business executives Friday to help improve U.S. -Russia relations that have reached "their lowest point since the Cold War", a almost 50-year period of East-West geopolitical tension that ended in 1991.

by | June 03, 2017 | 19:36

This poll result comes following the resignation of the White House communications director and talk of more potential White House shake-ups in the comms department (including Spicer scaling back on-camera briefings and the possibility that radio host Laura Ingraham may become a White House communications advisor).

by | June 03, 2017 | 19:08

Responding to the media reports , the Taliban warned the Afghan government against harming any of the prisoners even as many protesters in Kabul demanded the executions and other moves by the government to protect the public in demonstrations in Kabul on June 2.

by | June 03, 2017 | 18:16

So, that's been my focus". White House press secretary Sean Spicer points to a members of the media as he answers questions during the daily briefing in the Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House on Friday, June 2, 2017 . "The Indians had a vision of Europe over the last couple of years that was a bit cataclysmic partly because of the crises we went through, Brexit and the far-right wave ".

by | June 03, 2017 | 18:30

Rick Scott said late Tuesday. No shots were fired, and no one was injured. Pettigrew, identified as a former U.S. Marine faces a charge of aggravated assault with a firearm. "We will brief ASAP at media briefing location", the Orlando Police Department tweeted. Pettigrew then laid on the ground, but police did not initially approach him because the fake gun - which officers did not yet know was not real - was close to him.

by | June 03, 2017 | 17:36

The officer who shot him is Latino. Yanez told investigators he feared for his life and believed Castile was reaching for his weapon, the complaint said. Castile's death grabbed the nation's attention past year when his girlfriend live-streamed the aftermath of the fatal traffic stop on Facebook, allowing millions to watch the chilling video.

by | June 03, 2017 | 17:10

NBC's Megyn Kelly pressed the Russian president about interference in USA elections, and noted that this conclusion has bipartisan support on Capitol Hill - even among Donald Trump's supporters. Putin also called on U.S. businessmen on to help restore normal dialogue with Washington, saying good U.S. -Russia relations were in the interest of both nations.

by | June 03, 2017 | 17:50

Fast Company obtained a copy of this email, and in it, Cook didn't mince words. Trump framed his decision as reasserting American sovereignty, saying, "I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris ". Coderre also issued a statement saying that, despite the setback of losing the US, cities around the world must continue to assume their responsibilities when it comes to climate change and the environment.

by | June 03, 2017 | 16:40

The New York Rangers have Mats Zuccarello and no one else and both of those teams had excellent seasons. The Penguins finally generated some shots. Granted, they had taken five penalties through just two periods but who knows? The injuries keep piling on for the Penguins. Off the opening faceoff, Bryan Rust somehow was able to create time and space for him to enter the Nashville zone with speed on the right wing.

by | June 03, 2017 | 18:01

The new revelations add to a growing body of evidence that Trump sought to co-opt and then undermine Comey before he fired him on May 9 . The communication between Trump and Rogers was documented in an internal memo written by a senior NSA official, while the Office of the Director of National Intelligence isn't clear if such documentation exists.

by | June 03, 2017 | 16:38

Recovery crews were still searching a mountain of debris for the two missing workers. The names of both victims are not being released until family has been notified. OSHA spokesman Scott Allen said personnel from the federal agency were on the scene Thursday to begin an investigation. "Facilities that process grain continue to experience explosions with combustible dust", said Ali Reza, a mechanical engineer and dust explosion expert for Exponent, an global engineering and scientific ...

by | June 03, 2017 | 17:53

Trump responded, "He is". For Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), former Senate colleague Joe Lieberman is an unacceptable choice to serve as the next Federal Bureau of Investigation director. He then endorsed McCain for president in 2008 and spoke at the Republican National Convention that year. Arizona Sen. John McCain , chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, called on Trump on Thursday to name Lieberman to the post.

by | June 03, 2017 | 17:59

Trump's announcement on Thursday that he would take the United States out of the Paris deal, saying it would undermine the US economy and cost jobs, drew anger and condemnation from world leaders and heads of industry. "Very bad for U.S. This will change", Trump tweeted. "The pair has the potential to become the new driver for global climate diplomacy". The Make in India Mittelstand (MIIM) launched to encourage German small and medium industry (SME) to India has evoked major interest ...

by | June 03, 2017 | 16:20

Curley's time behind bars will be the longest - his sentence is seven to 23 months, with three of those in jail. Schultz was sentenced to six to 23 months, with the first two months to be served in prison and the rest under house arrest. Curley and Schultz have said that McQueary never told them he had witnessed a sex crime and that McQueary had reported only seeing Sandusky engaged in "horseplay" with the child.

by | June 03, 2017 | 16:32

Ex-president Graham Spanier , 68, got a sentence of 4 to 12 months, with the first two to be spent in jail and the rest under house arrest. Then, in 2001, former assistant football coach Mike McQueary testified that he told Curley and Schultz that he'd witnessed Sandusky molesting a boy in the team shower facilities late one night.